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12-10-12, Hello again. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn’t it? I think I’m just about ready. Still got a lot of cards to send out, but have most of them ready to mail. I got a book of stamps when I was in Tipton last week, but that won’t be near enough so I will get more when we go to the Cities on Wednesday and finish mailing them. There’s so many people I want to send cards to, but it would cost a small fortune in stamps if I sent all of them. I’ve already sent a few and handed out a few when I can. It’s 25 degrees this morning at 11:25. I’ve already forgotten what the overnight low was, but I know it was cold. I feel sorry for the people in Wisconsin with all that snow they’re getting. We got a card from Frank (Dee) Allison and he said he’s going to Tennessee for Christmas and spend a few days down there with his daughter Cheryl, Bill and June Cross. I sure hope June is feeling better. Candi and Jared are going to his family in Michigan, but I’m not sure exactly when, but we will pet-sit for them again. I hope the weather isn’t too bad in Michigan or here when they go. As for my family we plan to have our Christmas and birthdays on December 29th at Jared and Carrie’s house in Muscatine. I hope everyone can be there. I look forward to seeing all my family together. I also hope Frank Dee has good weather to travel in. Someone said he’s going with a friend, but I don’t know yet who it is. A few days ago daughter, Anita and her dad, Trevis, stopped by here and visited awhile on their way back from the cemetery. They had put Christmas flowers on Jeff’s grave. Then a few evenings ago last week great-grandson, Jacob, came got my wood stove. I was glad to get it out of here. I loved using it, it was just in the way. Now I’ve got a little more room in the livingroom. When we go to the Cities Wednesday we will get what I need to make the green bean casserole and caramel apple pecan pie. I might even make some of those no-bake oatmeal cookies. I used to make them every year, but haven’t for a few year now. I saw Joyce Turner again last week when I went to Wal-Mart. She’s so sweet it is always a pleasure to see her.

Well, I have to get some more things ready to mail. Oh yes the gas man filled up my tank again. I had sent him a Christmas card and put some pictures of all the critters I had told him about around here and wrote a note telling him he could bring more gas. We had a nice visit talking about all the critters around here in the pictures. He said he really enjoyed looking at them. He’s another super nice person.

I better say take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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