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Mt. Tabor Church

We began our services Sunday with a Christmas Carol, and many prayers for so many folks in need. Our church and community is saddened at the passing of our dear friend and neighbor, Sister Bessie Hall, early Christmas morning.

Instead of regular church service, we all did a poem, reading or song, in the Christmas tradition. Brother Ric read the Christmas story, which was very good.

Mae Cox is still not able to venture out, our prayers are for her recovery from a bruised sciatic nerve. Donna has been spending lots of time with her mother.

Lloyd Shumate had the misfortune of falling and doing some damage to a hip, and is getting treatment for that. Their family coming in for Christmas was: Brother Dennis, Sandy and D.J. Shumate, Teresa, Wally and Junior, Mary and Lou, Justine Shumate, Gary and Vicky Shumate and Doris Witchey, Terry Shumate, Larry and Martha Shumate, Jenny, Justin and their three children.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown joined Ronnie’s brothers and sister at a local eatery for their annual get together.

Those at Ronnie and Pat’s for Christmas were Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lansdown, Jadon and Kaylee, Mr. and Mrs. David Guerin and two children.

Myrl Cox’s company for Christmas day was Pat, Jeanne, Paul, Buster Davis and friend, Lauren, Jenna and Jessie Davis, Catie Patterson and Nick Shortt, Jackie Acton and Wyatt, Kevan and Haley Richards and Garrett. Jill and Patrick and Doug and family stopped by Myrl’s on their way home.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock were guests in the home of Wes and Pat Smith for Christmas. Also there was Jan Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Potter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Glossip and family and Charlee. Other visitors of Martin’s was Jim Hathcock, Bob and Terri Hathcock and Caleb, Don and Evelyn Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Blair Kargas and Kathy Dougherty.

Clifford and Imogene Madewell had their son and wife, Eddie and Becky Madewell, of Mansfield, for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, also. The Madewells spoke to their two daughters in the state of California.

Don and Evelyn Bryan had their families in to share Christmas. Those coming were Ken and Laney from Manhatten, KS., Rod and Tyra and Gage, Jacksonville, FL., Jason and Brandi, Sparta, Mike and Cindy and Rachel, Ozark. They enjoyed a call from their grandson, Colby, from Fort Hood, also friends from Oklahoma City, and Don’s sister, Jo, from Broken Arrow, OK.

Visitors of late in the Tom Elliott home were Imogene Madewell, Don and Evelyn Bryan, James Elliott, Shaun, LeAnna, MaKayla and Logan. Other visitors were Sharyn Jones, Lloyd Tate, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett. Floyd and Bonita Winingham, of NE., arrived Sunday to spend time with the Elliotts and other relatives.

Harold and Kay Hutchison had an early Christmas together with a birthday celebration for Kay, on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed lots of food, games and visiting. Those present were, Gary and Stephanie Mishler, and friend, Logan, Kim Clements, Morgan and Dylan and Sarah Claussen, Jeff and Kristy Tackett, Steven Tackett, Harlin and Shirley Hutchison and family. Everyone returned home Saturday evening except the Tacketts who stayed until Sunday.

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