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Mt. Tabor Church

Although winter has finally arrived, it was a great day to worship, Sunday. We continue to have so many on the list to pray for, always remember each one and so many unspoken, also. The bereaved need our prayers, especially.

Brother Ric read from Matt. 1:16-25, telling the story of the forgotten man, Joseph, and how he must have felt when events happened as they did.

Our Christmas dinner will be Sunday after services and we are bringing our food barrel items that day, also.

Mae Cox’s visitors this week were Louis and Josephine Peebles, Donna Nichols, who brought groceries, Lisa Johnson and Jesse. Mae spoke with Johnny and Golda by phone. Mae says her Aunt Esther is very poorly at this time.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock joined daughter, Ronda and Eleazar Soto for early Christmas in their home in Nixa, Sunday afternoon. Others there were Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Soto and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Eleazar Soto, Jr. and two children and Bob Hathcock’s daughter, Meghan and husband.

Bessie Hall’s company this week has been J.C. and Vicky, Jewell, Judy Haden, Lloyd Tate, Ima Tetrick, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Geneva Stewart, who brought a beautiful poinsettia, Jo Stephens, Kay Hutchison, Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock. Bessie visited by phone with Chestene Lietch.

Paul Cox, Jeanne Cox and Garrett have been Myrl Cox’s visitors this week.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown were in West Plains Tuesday with their grandchildren.

Kay Hutchison visited Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shumate, Tuesday afternoon.

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