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I will try to write something for the paper after neglecting doing so for a few weeks.

This Sunday afternoon is beautiful in our Ozark neck of the woods. I finally made it out of bed after sleeping in until ‘up in the mornin’. I felt bad Saturday and slept in my chair most of the day. I went to bed early last night and slept soundly until my son called me for church. It was already too late to get a shower and make myself presentable and so I missed church services. This means I must read my Bible longer and pray soulfully for so many suffering parents today.

Kasey and Terry came yesterday evening bringing me homemade chili. It is very good and Kasey said he wants the credit because he made it. I was happy for the chili, but best was the company. I think I was feeling lonely.

Karen came Friday with enough sandwiches to last for lunch and supper and also cookies which she was testing for a Christmas treat. They passed the test.

I haven’t been any where or done anything worth noting so I have very little news unless someone calls so I’ll just comment on Christmases past. Compared to present day Christmas celebrations all I can say is “very different.”

Christmas of my childhood was church oriented. There was always an elaborate program with the youngsters saying poems or singing songs and the young people just older than me were putting on plays. Then we all were given sacks of candy and I roughly remember simple presents with drawing of names. I remember my Aunt Iva singing and leading the songs with Aunt Bertha singing alto and Daddy singing bass. I remember Christmas at home with stockings hung. I don’t think there was enough room in our cabin for a tree. We anticipated Christmas morning and usually had candy with an apple and orange and a homemade gift Mom made dresses and dolls and I remember being happy during Christmas. Then my kids had a tree which was cedar chosen by all of us.

I always cooked Ivory flakes and whipped a pan full to layer on the branches. It looked exactly like snow that was before aerosol cans of artificial snow. They had more presents than I had as a child, but not as many or as many expensive ones as kids today.

Many of us today keep Christ in Christmas, but so many do not. Therefore they make it something to dread. There seems to be so much worrying about gifts when everyboday already has enough. The best and then the saddest Christmas season I remember was the last one we spent with Mark and how much fun and enjoyment we all had writing and performing a play. Karen and Jamie helped everyone practice and Karen enjoyed making the props. I remembr Mark being so encouraging and participating in the program. Everything was performed beautifully to a packed house, just like Christmases of old. And that is a memory of Mark that I cherish. He was happy and praising his Savior.

I miss all the loved ones especially at this season and am happy to have been given another year with my family. To have them come to their home and share a time with me. We do not do presents, but the kids insist on giving me a gift, so we’ll be gathering, the Lord willing, on the Saturday before Christmas at my house.

I would like to wish my friends who faithfully read my items a very happy time with loved ones this Christmas and a very good New Year – Seasons Greeting, to all!

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