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We have had a lot going on this past week. We have been working on an outreach program for Christmas and I truly believe it has been a success. I know it has been a real blessing for all of us. Thursday we wrapped gifts for the families we adopted and sacked cookies for the nursing home. Saturday we gave a shower for a mother-to-be and then went to the nursing home to sing carols and hand out cookies that we made. Today we had our Christmas dinner following the morning service. It has been a wonderful and blessed week of fellowship.

Our morning service opened with Bro. Dale greeting all with a good morning. Sister Carla read scripture from Ephesians 2:4-9. We sang for Jesus. We had many prayer requests. Prayer led by Sister Patsy.

Our Sunday school leader for today was Sister Patsy. She read from Galations 3:1-29. We had comments and discussion from the class. It was a good lesson. We had lots of young ones to gather our Coins For Christ today. It is so nice to have young children in our church again.

Naomi gave a report on our Christmas outreach. God really blessed us and everyone seemed pleased with what we did.

We sang for the Lord and had specials from Sister Peggy and Sister Juanita. We had a handshake and it was time for our morning message from the Lord.

Brother Gregg began the service by inviting the children up front to sitt by the manger scene. He then told the story about Joseph and  Mary and the coming of the baby Jesus. He then read scripture from Luke, chapter 2. We closed with singing. We were dismissed in prayer by Sister Juanita.

Bro. Gregg blessed the food and we had some great fellowship and a lot of good food.

Our evening service began with our prayer circle. We had many to pray for. Bro. Gregg led our prayer. We sang for the Lord and had a special from Sister Peggy. We had testimonies and Bro. Gregg brought the message from Isaiah 52:1-15. It was a good message from the Lord. We closed with a song and dismissed in prayer by Sister Patsy.

It has been a blessed week for Happy Home Church. We just thank God for it.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.

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