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Will try and write a little list of news this Monday morning, December 10th. It is cold, but not bad for this time of year.

Last Sunday after church Ann Collins and Ella May Daugherty went to Mountain Grove and went with Carol Wise and Riley O’Shea to Willow Springs and saw the “Nutcracker” at the Star Theater. Riley helped his Aunt Chris Hartzell with the lighting.

Ted and Karen Collins visited Wednesday with Ann Collins.

Janet Smith visited awhile Friday evening with me.

Then after school Friday Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith came and got me and I stayed until Sunday with them. We watched the parade in Ava, Saturday then went to Springfield and did some shopping. Hannah is in the band and marched in the parade.

Karen and Doug Fredrick went to the parade at West Plains Saturday night. Sirena, Cole and Isabell Bradshaw were in the parade.

River Stillwood visited Saturday night with Bertha and Dean Scherer.

Carol Wise, Chris Hartzell and Riley O’Shea visited Saturday with Ann Collins, Carol and Riley spent the night.

Our deepest sympathy to Burnice Riley in the loss of her son, also to the Hodges family.

Happy Birthdays go out this month to; Joshua Chambers and Devin Griffith the 6th, Hannah Griffith the 7th, Dean Scherer the 8th, Paul Uhlmann the 11th, Carol Wise the 12th, on the 22d Jim Luellen, Don Haney and Chester Smith, the 23rd Butch Stone, Tracy Griffith the 24th, Eunice Ackerman the 28th and Chris Hartzell the 31st.

Until next time, may God bless us all.

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