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Gamma Phi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Fall Meeting

The Fall meeting of the Gamma Phi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma took place on November 10th, at the Cabool First United Methodist Church.  During the Business portion of the meeting, Mary Jane Lybyer volunteered to become the new chair of the Scholarship Committee to fill that vacancy.  The Chapter also needs a member to volunteer to be the new Corresponding Secretary.  Please let President Diane Moore know if you are willing to fill this position.

The Membership Committee proposed six new nominees to become members of the Gamma Phi Chapter.  A vote was taken and all six nominees ware unanimously approved.  They are:  Julie Allen, Sherry Gatlin, Barbara Gaither and Karen Parker of Houston, Nancy Beltz of Willow Springs, and Trezha Malam of Carthage.  These nominees will be initiated into Gamma Phi at the February 9,2013 meeting.

Three Gamma Phi members were awarded 25-year pins:  Joyce Jones, Diane Schroeder and Janice Lowe.  Joyce Jones has never missed a meeting in 25 years!


Ava members were the program hosts.  Gina Clinkingbeard led the Getting to Know You activity.  Members drew pieces of paper with the name of a traditional Thanksgiving food.  They then had to group themselves together to “make” three Thanksgiving meals.  Each member then shared her name and her town’s name.

Suzette Litwiller presented the Devotion for members.  She shared that we should be thankful everyday, especially for things that we often overlook.

The program’s special music was provided by Kate McDonald, granddaughter of Suzette Litwiller.

The program topic was the Faith Home Orphanage and School in Honduras.  Members watched a powerpoint presentation created by Program Leader Mindy Pinckney, Vicki Dudley and Hannah Dudley.   Mindy participated in a mission trip to the orphanage in August.   She shared that there are approximately 300,000 orphans in Honduras.  The Faith Home Orphanage and its school, the Little Angel School, serves 85 children.  The orphanage and school were created and are supported by the General Baptist Association, which sponsors 10 churches in Honduras.  Mindy said that there were two very different worlds, inside the gate of the orphanage and outside the gate.  Inside the gate, children are cared for by adult couples who care for up to 11 children in a home.  This provides a family atmosphere for the children.  The Little Angel School provides a K-6 education.  Outside the gate, poverty and very little chance of attending school is the fate of most children.  Outside the gate, a gallon each of rice, beans and lard feeds a family for two weeks.

Mindy shared two ideas that she returned home with:  We are very fortunate to live in America.  We have food, good schools and homes; and if you are a follower of Christ, doing nothing about conditions in other countries is not okay.  What can we do?  A child of the Faith Home Orphanage can be sponsored for just $20 per month.  This money will provide food and an education for that child.  The Little Angel School also needs Spanish language books for its Library, especially chapter books.

The Program closed with the singing of the Delta Kappa Gamma Song and Singing Grace.

Members then adjourned to the church basement for the annual Auction to fund the Chapter’s Grant-in-Aid Scholarship.  Bidding was brisk and the Auction total added up to $1,000!

Members then enjoyed a well-earned and wonderful soups, sandwich, salad and dessert luncheon provided by the ladies of the Eunice Whittiker Circle.

The next meeting of the Gamma Phi Chapter will be February 9, 2013 at the Cabool First United Methodist Church.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

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