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Its somewhat cold without the benefit of having the sun shining this Monday morning.

My friend just left after a short visit and bringing me a variety of candy she and her mother had made. My mother-in-law and I had some good times making Christmas candy. One day when Jerry helped deliver meals a friend sent us some of her homemade candy she had made and it was good.

It has been a sad few days after the shooting in Ct. It’s hard to imagine such a thing happening again and especially to little children. It just breaks our hearts. We need to pray over our children every day for their safety. We’re not exempt from evil here either.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at Faith Rock with both ham and turkey and everyone bringing their favorite dishes and we had a good time just visiting and eating and being thankful for all the provisions God has given us.

We are now having Bible study on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. We have had a good attendance since it started and have enjoyed going and studying and everyone taking part.

Pastor Benny brought a good sermon titled “With God All Things Are Possible.” His scripture was from Judges 13:2-18, Isaiah 9:6 and Matthew 2:1.

Sunday night we did pop up testimonies which we hadn’t done in along time. We had lots of good singing and several specials sang by Bro. Roland Carson, Sis. Lena Hutchison, Ariel Conrad, Sis. Dee, Bro. Murdy and our pastors, Bro. Benny and Sis. Loretta.

The church is planning on going caroling this coming Friday night on a trailer with hay to sit on and singing Christmas songs. Sounds like fun, just hope it’s not too cold for some of us.

Sunday night at 5 there will be a Christmas program before regular service. I think they are having a good time putting it together.

Our quilters have been busy. We were able to get 32 lap robes done. We went them to the nursing home. We sent 13 youth quilts to a young peoples home in Springfield. The church gave away 7 food baskets this week, filled with good food to help someone in need.

We sang Happy Birthday to Sis. Dee Murdy, Sis. Glenda Miller, Bro. Darrel Hesterlee and a Happy Anniversary to Sis. Barbara Strong and Wes last week.

I forgot to mention its our 52nd anniversary and my granddaughter, Jordan’s 29th birthday this coming week.

Bro. Ross Martin was back in the hospital last week and came home and isn’t doing very well I heard.

I was sorry to hear of  all the deaths here in Ava last week. People we knew and cared about, J.G. Heinlein, Ethel Versaw, and then her daughter, Connie, Karen Melton, Landon Johnson, Billy Lietch, Lois Jenkins and others.

I did want to mention how much I enjoyed the Christmas parade, they did a very good job and the weather was nice also. Jerry and I helped Addison and Illa pick up candy. Sherry and Wes had Albandy and Sawyer in the city truck and they had a good time also and seeing Santa was always exciting when you’re a child. The candy is a plus.

Hope everyone has a blessed and happy Christmas with plenty of good food and friends and family around us to enjoy.

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