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Busy, busy days here, and I am sure you can say the same.  Hopefully you enjoyed a blessed Christmas surrounded by family and love.  Now, those who feel “down” after such a celebration may look forward to celebrating the New Year.  There was a time when Willie and I looked forward to a New Year’s Eve celebration, provided we got the cows milked and fed.  Now, it is just another day.  Do you suppose age has anything to do with that?  I have reached the point that when I wake up in the morning I give thanks for a new day and the opportunities possible, giving thanks for the day regardless the weather and those things “hanging over my head” so to speak.  A friend told me I am too anxious about things being just right and to learn to go with the flow.  He is probably correct.

Steve & Jean Koenig invited many neighbors to a Christmas Open House party at their place last Saturday evening with multiples of goodies available and delightful beverages.  Their house is lovely and well planned and sits on the top of a rise with a view of Ava and clear down to Arkansas.  When Willie and I owned that land I often said it would be a wonderful place to build.  But in those days every penny generated by the dairy operation went right back into the dairy – no frills for us.  For those of you who remember Willie Boeddeker, he would have been 83 on Dec. 21st, and he passed away on Dec. 29, 1990.

We were so saddened to learn of the total loss by fire of the home of Jon Nelson.  I do not know the Nelson family but have lost everything to fire so can relate to their plight.  Apparently there will be some sort of collection at the churches in this area for the Nelson family – I am just waiting to hear when it will be.

The wind on the 20th was very destructive for many, especially south of Dogwood Hill.  A few trees were blown down even on this hill.  We won’t know until spring how many trees have been lost to the drought but I know of one large oak on my property.

Rachelle Boeddeker arrived here on the 21st from Gulf Port, MS with a friend and stayed at my home.  This made for a bit of extra cooking, but also some extra help with Christmas dinner preparations.  Many at St. Leo’s Church were pleased to see Rachelle on Sunday.  She left on the 26th for a quick trip to New York before returning to Mississippi.  We had a little “party” after Sunday’s church service to provide some assistance to one of our families.  The smiles on their faces were a reward for all of us.

This is written before Christmas Day.  There will be sixteen here to enjoy turkey, ham and all the other dishes.  All the ladies are bringing something yummy of course.  My family will probably zero in on me and my foibles – but we all get a good laugh.  And, of course, my sons always have tales to tell of which I was certainly not aware when they were growing up.

May you be blessed, may you be healthy and may you be filled with love.

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