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Dogwood Ramblings

It is just a few days now until we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.  It is my fervent prayer that He will be included in your celebration and that you remember He was the greatest gift of all.  Be sure the children know the true reason for Christmas, not just Santa and toys.

Last week was busy and I finally got all the cards in the mail.  It seemed to take longer this year to write out the cards but then, most everything I do anymore takes more time, more effort.

Sherwood Aid has been relocated to the Ava nursing home and Frances Aid will join him there.  I was concerned about Frank getting meals but have been told he is being taken care of by daughter Lois on down the road a bit from his place.

The new tower is up at Hwy 14 and “O” but the transmitting equipment was not up last time I looked.  This new tower should make cell phone usage much better in this area.  Years ago I suggested to the phone company (it has changed now to Verizon) to rent space on the tower there.  Instead, they tore down the old tower and put up a new one and I do believe the new one is a tad higher than the old one.

The cookie exchange party at the beautifully decorated Chriss home was a delight.  So many different cookies and each one there gave a short story on their contribution and some provided recipes.  I met some new neighbors and visited with so very many.  I provided some fruit cake from the Assumption Abbey, some cookies, and some lefse (pronounced lef – sa).  Lefse is a Norwegian flat bread, looks much like a tortilla, made basically from potatoes, and when these flat breads are spread with butter, a bit of sugar and some cinnamon and rolled up, they are a real treat.  My father’s mother and aunt provided us with lefse every year at this time when I was growing up and it was family ritual.  I don’t prepare lefse, so in past years I’ve ordered some from Fargo, ND and have plenty remaining for our family Christmas gathering.

Mike Schultz dropped by a couple of times last week, interested in my vent-less propane wall heater.  He said the family is hoping to be moved in by Christmas.  Mike works basically at home and makes sharks, alligators, etc. for movie sets.  Very interesting!  Eva Wymer stopped by for a quick visit and a hug on Saturday morning and then took her sister Martha over to see the improvements on Eva’s former home.

Grandson Nick and his wife Sheila dropped by Friday night for a visit.  They cannot be here for Christmas so dropped off a few packages, in spite of my plea for no gifts this year!  It was so good seeing them and we gave lots of hugs.  Of course, I had a tin of cookies for my Nick as usual.  Granddaughter Rachelle and a friend will be here for a few days to help us celebrate Christmas.  Both are stationed at Gulf Port, MS.

Here is an excerpt from our Sunday church bulletin:  A prayer for when one gets out of bed in the morning; “You are God, and I am not.  Thanks be to God!”  What a wonderful way to begin the day!  Now, if we could only remember that truth throughout the day, every day.  We easily forget who is truly in control and who truly has healing power.  God has given us free will and it is up to us to call upon Him and not be our own “god”.

My granddaughter, Regina, had planned to be at the Oregon Clackamas Mall the day of the shooting there and then at the last minute decided to go there the next day.  Thanks be to God!

I attended a Mission at St. Leo’s Sunday night.  Truly an eye opening experience!  The Mission continued Mon. and Tues. evenings.  Driving at night is not my “thing” so avoid it if possible, heaven forbid I should run over some critter, wild or tame.

Christmas will be over by the time another column is written.  I pray for you and yours to be happy, healthy and to remember the meaning of Christmas.  God Bless!

PLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH from the desk of Jamey Herd: With all the chaos in this world I pray that everyone will be able to have a very Blessed Christmas and will be with their families. Please remember the reason for this season. It is the Lord Jesus who was born and then died for our sins.

Pleasant Ridge had their wacky gift exchange Sunday evening. Billy Joe reports that he had a number of gifts taken from him before he got to keep something. Our children went to the Seymour nursing home on Sunday morning to sing to the residents.  As for myself, I have been in bed all week with a very wicked virus or flu. I did go to urgent care and have been on meds all week. I hope everyone else can stay clear of this bug.

I have to report that my niece and great-niece were in the Clackamas Mall when the shooting occurred last week. They were able to take shelter in a storage room in the store they were in. Our prayers go out to Sherwood and Francis Aid who I understand were in a wreck. Also prayers go to Frank who will have to manage on his own now.

Sympathy goes to Ronnie and Sue Thomas in the passing of Ronnie’s mom.

I hope everyone has a very Blessed Christmas.

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