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Sadness here this past week as Jack the Border Collie Dog went to doggie heaven.  Apparently he went to visit a neighbor across Hwy 14 and encountered a vehicle.  Jack was only here with me for 5 months but he had won my heart and was such a good companion.  Over the years many pets have come into my hearth and heart and made my life much happier.  Perhaps they were just here on loan and we are not to mourn, just to appreciate whatever time we are given to love and appreciate them.  Just as we need to love and appreciate our family and friends for whatever time we have with them.  We don’t know the big picture.

After hearing what happened to Jack, neighbors Bob & Dana Wagner brought me a picture of Jack that they took here by my garage about a week before.  Bless their caring hearts.  I am not good at remembering to take pictures and sometimes if I have, the film sits in the camera for a year.

I spent what seemed like all day Saturday roasting two 20# turkeys for St. Leo’s annual holiday meal on Sunday.  Slicing and deboning can be quite a challenge.  I always save back the larger bones and small bits of meat to make turkey soup with carrots, onions, and rice or noodles  – sometimes adding some green beans, then freezing the soup in small containers.  Yummy!

So, Sunday afternoon I made turkey soup; some to eat, some to freeze, and some to share.  Also, on the 23rd it is Arlene’s and my turn to serve refreshments after Mass, mostly cookies, more baking.  Nearly all the baking is done for my family and for a cookie exchange party on the 15th here on the hill.  Everyone brings cookies to share and it is interesting how many different cookies there are.  Of course, most of us don’t need the sugar but, we only do the cookie exchange one time a year.

Eva Wymer sent a card saying she will be in this area next week.  She will be so very pleased to see what the Schultz family has done with her former home.  I hope Mike and Cathy will be there when Eva is here as I know they will welcome her in to see the progress.

Have you noticed the changes in packaging of some of your usual grocery store purchases?  Have you then noticed the reduction in ounces contained?  This includes flour, sugar, coffee, etc. and nothing we can do about it.  Seems there is more than one way to rip off the public.  It seems we are not expected to notice the differences but not all of us have our heads in the clouds.

Enough for this week!  Remember the reason for the season as you prepare for Christmas.  May you have good health, and do tell your family and friends that you love them.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church from the desk of Jamey Herd: I can’t believe Christmas is only 15 days away. Time is flying and I can’t get out of low gear.

The Holiday dinner was a huge success with an abundance of the most delicious food. Thanks to all who attended. It was nice seeing Marge Hazelton and Joyce.

Jon and Elaina Nelson did a great job on our old trailer turning it into a float for the parade in Ava on Saturday. It was nice having the church represented. I haven’t been to the Christmas Parade in years and couldn’t believe how much it had grown in size. I also got to see Norma Faye Jones as she parked next to me to see the parade. I hadn’t seen her in years either.

Yesterday afternoon the ladies group met at the Tea Room in Seymour for their Christmas party and ornament exchange. We were served a wonderful meal and enjoyed a good fellowship.

Next Sunday will be our wacky gift exchange at 6PM at the church. This is always so much fun. The children are going caroling this next Saturday night also. They have gone to the Nursing homes to sing to the residents in Ava and Seymour.

I had a nice conversation with Rachel Mast this morning. Another neighbor that lives close and I never see. She said she is doing a lot of hand quilting for people. Her dad, former Dogwood resident Andy Miller, wanted to read the Dogwood History so I emailed a copy to Eli Mast. Rachel said Eli is no longer driving the tour bus but is driving a truck now. Eli used to park the bus at the church when he came home.

Till next time God Bless everyone.

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