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Dogwood Ramblings

We certainly have had variety in the weather.  A few farmers have cut and baled hay recently – sure hope this makes up for some of the loss of hay/forage this year.  This year big round bales went from a mere $25 each to $125 each from what I have heard.  The price of beef must stay up for farmers to recoup on this expense and the dairy farmers must be having a difficult time.  The price of bulls has remained high.  This makes it important to have a semen test before purchasing a bull.

‘Tis the season for baking and our weather certainly has been good for doing this.  So wonderful to walk into a home to the fragrance/aroma of fresh baked cookies, etc.  Eons ago, when I had a house full of people I baked breads and rolls, sticky buns, fried doughnuts, etc.  Every Thursday I went through twelve packages of yeast.  When our sons got off the bus from school, they raced to get to the house (about 1/8th mile) to be first to get a treat.  There is nothing quite like the heel of a fresh baked loaf of bread, my favorite.  It has been years since I baked bread.  I truly do need to go to the old Nazarene Church building here at Dogwood and see what they have to offer now that it is the Artesian Bakery.  Besides, after being under the weather for a couple of weeks it is time for me to get out and about – to enjoy some fresh air.

“Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… but no one must prove they are a citizen!”

Lately I’ve been tempted to call this area “Target Practice Hill” what with the sounds of guns going off over and over again for many days.  My yard dogs head for their huts and I have to go outside with Jack so he can do his business due to his extreme phobia of lightning, thunder and the sharp retorts of weapons.

It is time to get those Christmas cards in the mail.  Annually I send off about 70 cards for our once a year catch up on family and friends.  I’ve printed off some letters to send – made them shorter this year – and I do read each and every letter coming here.

Well, it happened again.  When I returned from church on Sunday there were elves everywhere, raking, cutting branches, blowing leaves, working on my mower, etc.  The least I could do was prepare lunch for all of them and then listen to them bringing up history, tale by tale, many of them about me.  Rory, Randy, Rex, and Kim are the names of these helpful elves, God bless them all!  Grandson also worked on my printers that I was unable to access Sunday morning.  That always puts me in a bit of a panic.  Spoiled is what I have become!

Enjoy this weather.  Be safe and be well.  Until next week……

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