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Sometimes a person’s birthday can get lost in Christmas.  Some with late December birthdays celebrate their special day at another time of the year.  The lucky ones celebrate their special day every time they wake up.  Some special December birthdays include Skyline School students, Logan Fisher–December 18th, Destiny Surface—December 20th, Logan Brown– December 21st, and Makayla Souder–December 22, Dillon Bennett—December 23rd.  Willard Hall—December 25th and Praxton Lunn—December 29th.  Mary Goolsby has her birthday on the 20th of the month and Sharon Sikes on the 23rd.  VaNa MaZi violist, Corinne Hall celebrates on the 27th and Eli Ogelsby on the 30th.  The best way one can imagine finishing off a year is with a birthday party for The General.  His birthday is on the 31st.

The serious winter weather that hit the area on Thursday carried debris around in yards; drove frozen little bits of precipitation into the faces of shoppers and farmers; and blew a big tree across Highway 95 on the south side of Mountain Grove.  The tree fell just at a spot where a dirt road comes into 95 on an angle and southbound drivers were able to make a diversion on to the little road.  Drivers headed north had to maneuver down a steep grassy bank which proved difficult for some.  Champions on their way home were diverted onto the unfamiliar lane and considered turning around and attempting the climb up onto the black top with the aid of their seldom used four wheel drive when along came The General and his lovely wife and consensus among the Champions was that she doubtlessly knew the way home and it was determined that they would follow along.  The General led the way without even knowing it.  Say what you will about him.  He is a Champion!

The weather was too rough for the Thursday Night Light Watchers to see much this week, but a number were out looking anyway.  Some of the lights seen on other Thursdays were reported to have been red.  Another witness said only that she had seen the flashing like lightening.   Another eyewitness said that the lights he saw had no color, but were just lights and that there were several of them in a row, not like head lights, and that they moved around in an unpredictable manner.  Watchers in the area are not confining their vigilance to Thursday nights but are constantly on the lookout.

Five year old Mason Ross is feeling better.  He has had a cold that may have been strep throat, but nevertheless is feeling better and his grandmother Karen Ross, Champion’s much appreciated mail carrier, is pleased to be able to report as much.  Other good news lets Champions know that their friend Esther Wrinkles is making some good progress.  She gets a steady stream of visitors up at the Autumn Oaks which keeps her spirits up and she puts a lot of hard work into her therapy.  It is slow going and Esther stays steady at it like a real Champion!

Email comes to about the picture in the paper of the ninth grade students at Denlow on 12-12-12.  “I may have the name of one person, possibly two, and the first name of another.  I have a picture (with names) of the Denlow basketball team dated 12-12-and maybe its 1912 or 1914(I would guess 1912). I will see that you get a copy of the photo.  Comparing this picture and the picture in the paper the student in the top right is Howard Spurrier (99.99% sure), top left is Lester Lemmon (50/50) lower left is Bobby ? (very low %). When I see Inez Barker again I will ask about Lester Lemmon, as he would be her uncle.”  The picture is included in the post for December 17, 2012 in the website where anyone can look it over and identify the young folks.   Life was quite different for those young people in many ways, but in the important ways it was probably pretty much the same.  They were optimistic and looking forward to a bright future.

“If the sun should be turned into darkness and the stars from their orbits be hurled, how would it fare with you, dear brother, if today were the end of the world?”  The question was being asked frequently last week and the perceived uncertainty gave some pause for thought.   A philosophy group on the way to a bridge game on Saturday evening agreed that Gratitude is the appropriate response to waking up and finding that the world is still spinning around.  Aunt Eavvie said, “Tomorrow is just a promise.”  Friends and families are gathering in clumps to celebrate holidays, and the joy of being with their loved ones. Champion!  Express some joy and genuine Gratitude at Champion Items, Rt. 2 Box 367, Norwood, MO  65717 or in person out on the porch of the Historic Emporium over on the North Side of the Square in Downtown Champion.   Sing your favorite end of the world song there or any song that evokes sweet nostalgia, or appreciation for home.  That uncertainty about tomorrow tweaks appreciation of today in the nicest way.   “Happy New Year” every day in Champion– Looking on the Bright Side!

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