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What a warm day for December, though I won’t complain. Praise God that he rules the weather for if it were left to man, we would have it in a mess.   First of all, we would never agree in what is best for our particular region.  Man is just that way.  I am so glad we have an Almighty, All Sovereign Father who carries His plan out because He knows what is best for His children.

Today our Sunday School opened with reading of Psalms 75 and Danny Lee opened with prayer.  Our Sunday School lesson continued on to Romans chapter 15.  This is where the hope of the Gentiles is attained. We were grafted in by the Holy Ghost that we may also have hope of eternity with our Heavenly Father in and through Jesus Christ- His Holy Son.  If it wasn’t for this, the apple of God’s eye- the Jewish race would be the only ones that would reach Heaven.  Thank you Lord God that through the blood of your Son Christ Jesus- we as Gentiles have a bridge to you.  By the power of the Holy Ghost you lead us and guide us to walk the straight and narrow path that is less favorable to mortal man.  Paul is telling the Gentiles that he is coming to minister to the Gentile race but that comes on down 2000 years or more to you and me.  Praise His Holy Name oh my Heavenly Father.

We go into our worship service missing but remembering those who can’t be with us due to illness and caregiving.  We remember you in prayer that the God of all comfort and strength touch you and strengthen you during this trial.  We pray comfort to those that have lost loved ones that will be greatly missed.  The Holidays are hard because there is that empty chair but yet God helps through this time and still there can be some joy and happiness.

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