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Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church members were hit hard by the flu last week. The Christmas Cantata that had been scheduled for Sunday evening was reset for 6:00 PM Sunday, December 30 after the Fifth Sunday Fellowship Supper at 5:00.

The “Name That Tune” event was held as scheduled Wednesday evening and enjoyed by a smaller congregation than is usual. Pastor and Darlene Sorensen hosted the Annual Pastor’s Christmas Party in their home, Friday evening. There were not so many in attendance at that event or for Sunday school and church Sunday, but the Spirit was good. The church had its Annual Soup and Pie fellowship, Sunday evening. Cards and gifts were exchanged.

There will be no Young Women N Christ meetings this week. They will begin again in January.

Darlene Sorensen sang a special Christmas song for which she had written words. It was well received and Pastor Bob Sorensen brought his Christmas message from Matthew 2:1-16 on the “Birth of Jesus Christ” as seen by the wise men.

Much of the flurry of activity around the Christmas Season has little to do with Christ. The world seemingly knows nothing of the deity of Christ, how God was made flesh and lived among us. The world focuses instead on the buying and selling, but we could learn lessons from the wise men. The set out earnestly seeking, making considerable effort, crossing deserts without the conveniences of today’s traveler. When they lost sight of the star, they made inquiries. “Where is he?” The answers to those questions are still found in the Bible. If you do not know how to find Christ, you will not have the Love, Joy, and Peace or Life itself that comes from knowing him. Instead of knowing the Love, Joy, and Peace, much of the world is troubled. Jesus said to his disciples, “Let not your heart be troubled….” The problem then and the problem now is that many say they believe in God, some like Herod say that they will worship him too, yet do not believe in the deity of Christ. Isaiah spoke about a Son upon whose shoulders would rest the government of the people. The virgin’s holy Son was identified as Emmanuel, “God with us.” Some shepherds and wise men believed and searched until they found the child. The wise men had the star, we have the Bible to light our way.

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