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Assembly of God

What a beautiful spring-like morning this was to go to the house of the Lord to worship today. God is so good to us every day and we should be thankful to Him for every blessing He gives to us. We had a good song service and then a good breakfast that Brother and Sister Emery Tuttle fixed for us, as well as, a good time of fellowship before Sunday School. Pastor Buddy brought us another good message from the second chapter of James this morning on not showing favoritism. Pastor Buddy’s 3 points this morning was show courtesy, show compassion, and show consistency to everyone. We should not treat anyone different because of the way they look or dress and if we do we are setting ourselves up to be judge and jury. We should treat everyone the same, when we show favoritism. It’s not only wrong but it’s sin also. We all will be judged according to God’s law and to Him there is no small sin or big sin but it is all sin. Mercy will always triumph over judgement. When we become mature one sign of it will be not showing favoritism. It was another good message from our Pastor.

Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning with Sunday School at 10:00, Kids Electricity Children’s Church led by Bro. and Sis. John Neighbour Sunday morning,  who do a wonderful job with our children at 11:00, Sunday night service at 6:00 and Wednesday night prayer and Bible study at 7:00.

Thought for the week;  If you are a Christian, people will judge the Lord by you.

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