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Debbie Cederlind, Moe and Kaylynn Todd and Alaya came down Saturday to watch the Christmas parade with her mother, Bonnie Phipps, and the rest of the family. They all went to Bonnie’s house afterwards and ate dinner. Those present were Debbie, Moe, Kaylynn, Alaya, Roy, Linda, Michael, Wendee, Matthew, Madison, Sydnee, Alexis, Cecilia and Bonnie. After dinner they all went out to Roy and Linda’s to see their Christmas tree and the new decorations that Linda had got this year.

I took my news in last Monday and then picked up some medicine at Ava Drug before coming home.

I went to our O.E.S. meeting that night here in Ava. Tara brought Jett over last Tuesday and James came by that morning to see and play with him and I had James to see how much rain was in my gage and he poured out .5-1/2 inches of rain. Jett came back over Wednesday and that evening Ric Englehardt picked Martin Hathcock and Hellen Blakey up and took us down to church for our business meeting and then after we had Bible Study and those present were Jewell Elliott, Kay Hutchison, Don and Evelyn Bryan, Martin Hathcock, Ric Englehardt, Nina Carter and Hellen Blakey.

Thursday and Friday was the O.E.S. Sale at the Masonic Hall basement and we appreciate everyone who made it a success. One of my loaves of bread didn’t sell so I took it over and left it in Juanita Shebiel’s car then I dropped by John and Jo Stephens’, but they weren’t home.

Ellis and Marsha came over Saturday before noon and brought some fruit jars that Vernal had brought down the other day. Ellis drove Chase Blakey’s pickup with Marsha in front in the parade with Chase, Blythe, Chesnea, Annie and Alexia in back throwing out the candy.

Nina Carter ate supper with me that night.

Sunday when I got home from church I had .1 of an inch of rain in my gage.

Anita Smith fell and broke her right hip bone so she is in Walnut Lawn in Springfield recovering from the operation. There are lots of sick folks out there in the hospital and at home so keep those prayers coming.

My prayer and sympathy goes out to all who have lost a loved one.

Keep our nation and our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.

I went over and watched the parade and it was long and very beautiful.

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