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All Around Bradleyville

The almost balmy weather we have been experiencing this fall has disappeared and real winter weather has arrived for a while. It was hard to get the house warm so I opened the fireplace back up and built a fire. There is nothing that beats a wood fire for throwing out the heat. I have always heard a lot of the heat in a fireplace goes up the chimney, but our fireplace has really been a help.

We attended a very good Christmas play at New Mansion Church last Sunday evening. Mr. Jim Denton played a Christmas song on his harmonica and Kathy Compton read a story by Helen Steiner Rice, then the smaller children welcomed everyone. A funny play by the youth and a few adults and then a skit done to the “Conrad” song. Then came the best part, the Nativity, with all the little angels, little shepherds and wise men, and our younger pastor and his wife and son portraying Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. After the Nativity another skit by the youth to the song “Light a Candle”. The refreshments and fellowship after the play were really good too.

New Mansion Church will have their annual candlelight service Sunday night, December 23 at 6:00. Everyone is welcome to come and participate with a song, poem, story, testimony or something else you would like to share, or just to share in the fellowship of the Christmas season.

I was walking through the kitchen after the play and saw a familiar face that I had only seen on facebook for the last couple of years. It was good to say hi and hug William Platt. William is a Marine and is home on leave for a while before he has to go overseas.

William was in the first VBS class I ever taught, it was a class of 3rd and 4th graders and he was full of life and energy. He was such a blast to have in class.

Billy Beasley from Bradleyville is stationed in Colorado right now and is also preparing to go overseas soon. Billy is serving in the Army.

Remember all our servicemen, especially at this holiday season when most of them have to be away from their families.

David Case has just returned home after spending a week’s vacation in Turkey. He visited many cities and sites that were wrote about in the Bible, including Ephesus, the site of Laodocia, Antioch and more. He said he saw fields of olive trees as far as the eye could see and said olives were offered at every meal, even breakfast. He had a wonderful time driving all over to see the sights, but he said the jet lag he experienced was horrible. The difference between there and where he lives was 12 hours, so he was a half day ahead of where he lives. I saw a few pictures on facebook but am looking forward to seeing a lot more when he comes home for Christmas in a few weeks.

Birthdays for the coming week include: December 12: Dusty Gross, Nikki Newman, Chad Yeary; December 13: Racheal Case, Joe McCleary; December 14: Jacob Baker, Sue Guerin, Laura Melton, Hannah Swift; December 15: Nikki Combs, Kelly Horner, Robert Maggard, Chris Whittaker; December 16: Paulette Combs, Jake Mooney; December 17: Marge Combs, Sierra Rentfro; December 18: Donna Newman, Katie Reece, Kenyon Whittaker.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: December 12: Jack and Peggy Essary.

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