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All Around Bradleyville

The wind has blown so hard the last few days all the leaves are finally gone off my maples in the backyard. Now the oak trees are a different story, as everybody knows, because a lot of those leaves won’t come off the trees until new ones start budding out in the spring. We have several oaks in our front yard, so I just let the wind blow whatever leaves do fall off then rake up what’s left in the spring. If I get overly energetic I may rake a little before the winter is over, or maybe run over them with the lawn mower. They all end up down over the hill anyway, under my forsythia bushes. I used to burn them but found out what great mulch and compost they make. If I chop them with the mower they compost faster, so now I leave the matches alone and use the leaves.

Kevin Newlyn, or Croc as everybody around Bradleyville knows him, made the trip to St. Louis last Friday night for a heart transplant. He had been on the waiting list for some time and finally got the call Friday afternoon to get up there as soon as possible. He went into surgery around 8 o’clock in the evening and the surgery lasted around 7-8 hours. Last I heard before writing the news he had come through the surgery well and they were keeping a close watch on him to make sure of no complications. Vicki said he would be getting up to walk later in the day on Monday. I know the family appreciates everything that has been done for them and still covets your prayers on the long road to recovery.

Santa Claus showed up at the Getaway Gift Shop in Bradleyville last Friday afternoon and was available for pictures taken by Ashley Mann. The more I looked at Santa, the more I noticed a strong resemblance to Vernon Fuller. I think maybe Vernon and Santa are related. Makes sense to me.

As nice as Santa looked, Garrett still didn’t want to sit on his lap and get his picture taken. He wasn’t alone as Noah Blair and Ellie Easley among others also decided they weren’t in a picture taking mood. I finally suggested just sitting Garrett on Santa’s lap and letting him fuss and get a picture like that. I know it sounds mean but it was only a few seconds of misery. I thought it would be cute years from now when they looked at it. Garrett still refused to get on Santa’s lap, but they got a picture of him standing and looking at Santa with a not-so-pleasant expression on his face. I already think the picture is great.

While we were in the gift shop looking around and waiting for Garrett’s picture I got to visit a little while with Sandy (Swadley) Menter. Sandy’s husband, Kerry Menter recently passed away right before Thanksgiving. Sandy told me that she and Kerry had been married for almost ten years. Our sympathy goes out to the family.


Basketball games continue this week with both the girls and boys at home on Friday night, December 7 with Bakersfield, and only the boys at Seymour on Tuesday night, December 11.

Birthdays for the coming week include: December 5: Kyle Laughlin, Joshua Strahan; December 6: Staci Burton, Paitin Combs, Kelli Johnson, Amy Mills, Erin Wyman; December 7: Ellie Combs, Seth Combs; December 8: Mike Howie, Tracy Sherrow; December 9: Sara Blair, Tom Burkhart, Bill Box; December 10: Hannah Blair, Donna Horner, James Taber; December 11: Buddy Albright, Dustin Benton, Jeannie Cummings, Tonja Friend, Tammy Spicer.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: December 5: Bill and Rita Box; December 9: Randy and Connie Haes; December 10: George and Doris Lambeth.

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