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I was gone three weeks on my trip to the UK and Netherlands so I don’t know any news here.

This year when T. J. had me to come to Portland, Oregon he took me to the UK and the Netherlands.

But I need to back up to October 8 while I was making dinner I heard a thump and then a moan. I go and look and Gary is down in the hallway. He couldn’t talk right and couldn’t get up. I couldn’t think who to call, so I called the sheriff’s office to tell them I needed an ambulance because I thought Gary had a stroke. The Squires first response team got to our home first and then the ambulance. The paramedics decided that Gary’s sugar was low. It was 51. They got it up and Gary started doing okay. He is doing fine now.

Now, back to my trip. I left on October 11 to Portland, Oregon. On Sunday the 14th T. J. and I left for England. Over 9-1/2 hours later we arrived Monday in Amsterdam, Netherland. Then another hour of flying onto Birmingham, England where T.J’s friends, Dave and Linda Whitnel picked us up to take us to their home in Shrewsbury. That evening Dave and Linda’s son, Edward and Gmma and their twins, Amelia and Laila came and their son, Tom and Megan and their daugther, Lydia, were there also.

The next day Dave drove through Chirk and Llangollen Wales. We stopped at a gift shop restaurant called Ponderosa. Later we were in Rhuddlan where we looked at Ruddlan Castle where King Edward I had lived. We stopped in Rhyl on the Irish Sea. Later that day we stopped in Caernarfon Castle where Prince Charles was coronated. T.J. and I toured the castle. After that we drove through Snowdonia National Park. That’s was 130 miles before returning to their home. On Wednesday Dave and Linda, T.J. and me went to York, England and stayed the night. We saw York Minster and Clifford’s Tower and walked around the town. I saw a big Roman column there. I didn’t know the Romans had control of England at one time. A lot of houses were made in the early 1400’s. On Thursday we drove to Jedburgh, Scotland and toured the Jedburgh jail, museum amd cemetery. As we drove through out Scotland I saw all those rock fences and I thought Missouri had a lot of rocks. On Friday we went o Edinburgh, Scotland and walked to the Edinburgh Castle and T.J. and I toured it and we ate haggis there. In Musselburgh we looked at the central library, National Library, the Elephant House, birthplace of Harry Potter, Mid-Lothian county building and the cemetery where Grayfriar’s Bobby dog and his master, John Gray were buried. We went back home to Shrewsburg on Saturday from Edinburgh. We toured the old Jodburgh Abbey. On the way home we seen a lot of the Hadrian Wall. Hadrian was a emperor of Rome. People still walked this very long road. On Sunday I went to church at the Shrewsburgh Evangelical with Joyce and Michael Carson. After the service the people had a cup of trea and talked awhile. After church Joyce told me about the builders while we talked to the car. The Rev. John Wesley preached in a house in 1761 and we looked at the Market Hall. After I got back to Dave and Linda’s, their friend, Elaine was there and we went touring the town. By now I had a bad cold and then I started having stomach problems.

UK petrol was over $8.00 a gallon. England words are different than ours. We call it a vacation, they call it a holiday. We say take out food, they call it take away. They have Lorry (truck) stop, we have rest areas. We had restrooms, they call them toilets. Their sign says give way, ours say yield. Supermarkets sell crumpets in packages of six. I haven’t seen pancakes for sale in our supermarkets. Their sign says to let, ours say to lease it. We stopped at a petrol station and I noticed they sell Fry candy and McCoy chips. I find that the English people I’ve met were very hospitable. Their economics are bad like ours. I enjoyed staying with Dave and Linda.

On Monday the 22nd we had to get up early, Dave and Linda drove us to the airport to fly to Amsterdam. I was sicker. When T.J. and I got to Amsterdam David, T.J.’s friend, met us there. We took a fast train to Rotterdam and then another train to where David and Robb live. By the time I got there I was sick enough to go straight to bed until morning. The next day I was feeling better so David, T.J. and me took a water bus from Rotterdam to Kinderdyk. There we toured the windmills. We went in one of the windmills. The government leases the windmills out for people to live in and to keep up. After that we took the water bus from Kinderdyk to Dordrecht. Then took the train back to Rotterdam.

On Wednesday we went to a gothic-style cathedral in Antwerp, Belguim. First time I have been in a church house where they buried the people in it. At lunch time we ate broodjes (sandwiches). Back home we went.

Thursday afternoon we toured Rotterdam.

On Friday T.J. and I took the blue line canal bus and cruised Amsterdam. They let people have house boats on the canal to live in. In the afternoon David came and we toured the Royal Palace,Madame Tussaud’s, Koninklyk Paleis and then Robb came and we went into a wax museum.

Saturday, David, T.J. and me rode on the double deck train to and from Utrecht, Netherland and walked around and enjoyed big Dutch fries, with mayonnaise

Sunday I couldn’t go anywhere so Robb and T.J. hung out in Rotterdam.

On Monday, the 29th, T.J. and O got up early and took a fast train to the airport in Amsterdam. We left the airport at 10:00 a.m., over 500 mph, over 30,000 high over 11 hours in the air. The plane had to fly farther north of New York because of the storm. We arrived in Portland at 1:30 p.m., warm weather in the 60’s. It took awhile to get through customs. I was happy to get back to the U.S.A.

I didn’t care for the Netherlands because we had to walk or take a train or if we had a bicycle we could have rode one. The children that live out in the country and go to school have to ride their bicycles six miles to school because they don’t have school buses. It is expensive to have a car. Gas is over $10.00 a gallon. Then you have to pay for a parking space. There is over 100 different nationalities. Food seems to be cheese, bread, potatoes and butter.

I was happy to get home Wednesday night. October 31.

Also in the Netherlands toilets are a small room with the stool only. To wash your hands you have to go to the bathroom. Or if the toilet is by the kitchen you wash your hands in the kitchen. They have no clothes dryer either, but they do have dishwashers.

I am thankful God took care of us so we could come back home. I am thankful I live where I live.

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