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Sunday was a busy day. Delmar and I drove to Ash Grove to check on his son and family, then stopped back in Nixa to visit Rusty, Becky, Hailey and Maeson Carter.

I have been busy making jelly and crafts and candies, getting ready for my craft open house.

I attended the funeral of Patsy Dickens on Wednesday. I stopped by the nursing home and took Uncle Mack Miller some homemade peanut brittle that he had asked for. The kids said that he hides it from them. I thought it was funny. On Thursday, Delmar and I ate supper with Beth Stafford and Johnathon Snelson. Beth had made homemade lasagna and garlic bread sticks and salad. It was delicious.

Delmar and I had a very good Thanksgiving dinner at the Senior Center on Friday. Later we stopped by Jack and Barb Breshears for a visit.

Pauline Okhuysen stopped by to visit one day. Stacie, Mahayla, Miley and Lucas Hamby came over to visit on Monday afternoon. Others visiting in our home were Wilma Hamby and Donna Bannister. We are sad to hear of the passing of David Bradley’s father who lived at Clinton, Mo.

I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she is wanting a good homemade lemon meringue pie so I guess I had better make her one and take it to her.

Until next week just remember to be thankful for what we have and help the ones who have not.

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