Sunday morning service opened with music by the church band. Prayer requests and prayer was given.

Sister Venita Brummet sang a beautiful song about I know.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Isaiah 6:1-9, “Encountering God, Experiencing change.”

Our church will be starting a Disciple’s Fast on November 15 and running to December 25, 2012.

On Sunday evening we enjoyed a good feast of hamburgers and side dishes as we fellowshipped with each other at Walnut Grove Church.

We are happy to report a lot of improvement of the ones who were ailing. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Patsy Dickens and Loyd Witchey, and our neighbor, David Bradley’s father who lived just outside Clinton, Mo.. We ask prayers for Karen Witchey who is in the hospital.

I went to Springfield with Stacie Hamby one day last week and we visited with her mother, Rhonda Slayden. We enjoyed wallking around in the back yard and hearing the crunch of the fallen leaves as we walked. We had lunch at Schlotsky’s and also, did some shopping while in town.

We have seen some hunters who were successful in bagging their deer for this season.

Visitors in our home this week were Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Donna Bannister, and Pauline Okhuysen.

On Sunday, Kim Huff came home with us and she went with  Delmar and me to Mansfield where we ate lunch with Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams.

On Friday I helped Kathleen Deatherage cook some Elderberry jelly then Vern, Kathleen and I met Becky Carter in Ava for lunch at Ruby Garden. Becky and I followed Vern and Kathleen to their cabin for a short visit, then Becky and I stopped by to visit with Bevy Moore. Becky Carter then visited with her dad, Eldon Bice before heading to Mansfield and visiting with Keith and Donna Bannisteer.

I stopped by the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center to visit with Uncle Mack Miller who is there for therapy for awhile. I also, visited with Ruth ”Fannie” Hall, Laura Lansdown and Larry Peak while there.

I have been working on my crafts, getting ready for the holidays. I hope to soon start making the holiday candies. I will try to get some peanut brittle made for Uncle Mack Miller. He sure seems to enjoy it and the rest of the family never sees it because he hides it from everyone.

Until next week be safe and healthy.

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