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Last Weeks News – We read our devotional from I Corinthians and shared prayer requests for Gina Smith, Paula Calmer, Dane Humbyrd, Glenda Sanders, Paul Duckworth, Gary Soutee, Grandma Crum, our nation, leaders, troops and revival at Bradleyville and Salem churches.  May the good Lord hear our prayers for revival in our churches and nation.

After Sunday school classes, Cody Menzies prayed our offertory prayer as he and his Dad, Van, received our Lord’s tithes and offerings.

Testimonies were given in praises to our Great Heavenly Father and his love and care.

Pastor Neal prayed followed by songs by LeaAnn and Erin Crum.  LeaAnn shared from Psalm 16:11.

Pastor Neal read from Deuteronomy, Hebrews and Luke 22, the Passover, where Jesus said to Peter and John, “Go and prepare for us that we may eat”.  They ask, “Where shall we prepare?”  Jesus then said, “A man carrying a pitcher of water shall show you a large upper room.”  They went and found as He had said.  If we will go and do, we also will find.  We were dismissed in prayer by Judy Wilson.

Prayer meeting is Tuesdays at 7 p.m.  Come and worship and pray with us.  We need you!  Our nation needs a prayer cover more than anything.  No Wednesday night Bible study will be held this week.  We are going to Salem Church with Brother Van Menzies, who is preaching there.

This Weeks News- We had many prayer requests for sickness and surgeries.  Tony Todd, Tom Roberts, Paula Calmer, Paul Duckworth, Danny Johnson and Donnie Hodges.  There are revivals this week at Bradleyville Church and with Brother Randy Dalton at Granby, Missouri.  LeaAnn Crum prayed.

We stood to read our devotional from Isaiah 56.  A thank you card was read from the family of Misty Christensen.

After Sunday school classes, Van Menzies prayed the offertory prayer as he and Joshua Dalton received our Lord’s tithes and offerings followed by handshaking.

Pastor Neal asked for praises and testimonies.  Some were given praising our Great God.

LeaAnn Crum led us in “He Touched Me”.

Pastor Neal read from Luke 22, the Lord’s Supper and John 7.  He ask us to do a day of prayer and fasting for our nation.

At 4 p.m., there was a hayride across the Glade Top Trail for a cookout and serviced there.  A good time was had by all.

Tuesday at 7 p.m. is our weekly prayer meeting.

Wednesday night we will be going to Bradleyville Church for revival there.

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