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It is 15 degrees here in Peckerwood Hollow this Monday morning and a big frost.

Norma Cross and I visited with Goldie Miller, Irene Richards and Peggy Jenkins on Tuesday. Peggy had an accident on Friday as they were leaving the annual fall festival in Mountain Grove with the area nursing homes. They called Randy and he came and got her and took her to the E.R. in Springfield. She broke her upper arm. They couldn’t put a cast on it. She was in a lot of pain for a while. Norma, Kenny and Seth Hunt  and I went to see her Saturday. The first thing she said to us was to tell us she had won three awards at the festival.

Helen Dobbins was in the hospital a few days last week. Dick and I stopped to see her Thursday. Friday Dick and I took Kyle Thompson to Branson to see the Pierce Arrow Show. We stopped in Taneyville to have lunch. They have good fried fish at the little café. Kyle stayed with us over the weekend while Kelly and DeAnn Thompson took Kinsey Thompson, Katie Jenkins, Kailey Thompson and Autum Groth to St. Louis. Kelly, Kinsey and Katie went to some spook houses while DeAnn, Kailey and Autumn went to watch the Justin Bieber Show. They took Katie and Kinsey to Tan Tara to attend the F.F.A. meeting Sunday evening. They will be there two days.

Our neighbor, Arlene Henningsen spent several days in the hospital. She had surgery the 18th and came home the 25th.

Janice Hawkins, her daugther reported yesterday, that she was doing good, but not out of the woods yet.

They took Tony Richards to the E.R. at Cox Hospital Wednesday after spending the day there. They found he had food poisoning. He had been suffering for days. Lisa brought him home that evening.

I was happy to see Larry and Lynn Clayton in church Sunday. Hope they can continue recovering. Their son-in-law, Mike Woodall, is home recovering from back surgery. Danny and Connie Johnson picked Freeda Richards, Betty Jenkins and Lenore Burton up Sunday the 21st and they all attended Bonnie Haden, Jack’s wife’s family reunion in Lebanon, MO. ,Bonnie is from a large family so there was a big number there. Freeda has been feeling bad the past few days.

Worship service at Goodhope General Baptist began with worship song with actions. Attendance was 79.

Lance Stillings read announcements and took prayer requests.

Brenda Reed gave a great testimony – you could really feel the Holy Spirit and Missy Breshears sang a special as well and Susie Adams.

Pastor David chose Psalm 51, II Samuel chapter 11 for his sermon titled, “Coming Clean.”

Sue Brown played piano in the absence of DeAnn Thompson.

“Faithful” and “Corn Cob Husky” will be at Ava Family Theatre, Thursday, November 1 at 7:00.

A group of 14 met at Ruby Gardens Thursday for Chinese lunch. Attending were Tom and Sue Brown, Ervinand Lodean Schultz, Jim and Georgia Brown of Illinois, Clifford and Joyce Lansdown of Mountain Grove, Ron and Judy and Jerry Lethco and a friend of Jerry’s,Gloria and Logan and Cinita Brown.

Weekend guests of Ervin and Lodean Schultz were Scarlet and Katie Cropper of Indiana.

Sunday afternoon visitors with Tom and Sue were Jim and Georgia Brown of Illinois and Clifford Lansdown of Arkansas and Dianne Garrison.

Don’t forget to turn clocks back 1 hour this weekend.

Happy Anniversary to Ervin and Lodean Schultz November 4 – 12 years. May God bless them with many more.

Psalms 16:1 “Preserve me, O God: For in thee do I put my trust.”

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