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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Many on the prayer list:  Servicemen; Imogene Williams, Jennifer Alexander, Sue Lathrom, Sue Hefner, Jack Lawler, Jerry Lee, Amber Junge, Shirley Moore, Wade Tooley, Jerry Snow, Ellen Buttram, Joe Moore, Donna Strain, Brent Caine’s son, Kaye Garrison, Roy Dennis, Steve Raney, Sandy Kelsey, Josh Scott, and the hurricane victims.  November 4-evening service:  We had a special led by Mike and Tammi Housley. The congregation sang some of the verses; Mike, Tammi, Stanley and Glenda Jones, and Helen and Rick Batten sang some of the other verses.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  November 18- Wild game/ fish potluck after morning services and no evening services.  Month of November- “Helping Hands Program” to collect food and other items for the Wright Co. Children’s Home.  Sandy Housley will be organizing the Christmas program.  She would like volunteers.

Bro. Rick Batten on October 28 preached on what it used to be like to “trick or treat” as a kid.  He told how he would come in and sort all the stuff in piles.  There would be a pile everyone liked which was the candy, and then there was a pile they didn’t like so much- it was the oranges, apples, raisins, popcorn, etc.  To find out later, that pile was really the “good stuff” after all.  He said, “There is a lot of candy out in the world.  That is the fluff.  People really want something solid they can focus on, and that needs to be the church.  We, the people in the church, need to be real and genuine.  It is our job to truly love the Lord, and to share his story.  Christians must be the ‘salt’ of this world”.

Sunday evening, November 4, Bro. Everett Jenkins was our speaker.  He told about the God’s Storehouse in Hartville, and he appreciates everyone in our church for the support.  He told how God is blessing the storehouse, and how God appreciates all the support.  He stated that whatever we do in life, God is always watching.  His sermon was from Genesis 22:1-5.  Abraham lived by the law.  He could talk and fellowship with God.  Abraham loved God because he wanted to, and he followed God’s command to take Isaac up the mountain to be sacrificed.  God did not have to have a human sacrifice, he provided the ram.  In each of our lives, there are things that have happened to test us.  Just like the ram was sacrificed for Isaac; Jesus was sacrificed for us so we can live forever.  Bro. Everett said that Abraham had faith, he did not argue with God.  That is what we should do, but it is not easy.  He gave some examples in his life, where he should have had more faith.  He said if we make a mistake, we need to just say, “Lord, I’m sorry. Forgive me”.  Let God throw our problem in the ‘Sea of Forgetfulness’.  The only problem is, we are human and we usually don’t forget.  He ended the message with: “God has control.  God won’t do what you won’t allow him to do”.  Bro. Batten thanked him for a great message.  Questions:  call Bro. Rick at 683-5657 or 250-0918/ Shelby Housley 746-4743/ or Shelby Moore 746-4751.  Visitors are always WELCOME!

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