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Freeda Holt was a recent visitor in the home of Tom and Jewell Johnson. There was a Thanksgiving gathering in the home of Kent and Kim Johnson, and another gathering, Sunday, after church in the home of Larry and Shirley Johnson. Tom said that they had enough food brought over to feed a threshing crew.

Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt of Springfield, Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, and Stanley Stillings of Squires joined Dan and Alan Stillings at the home of Norma Stillings, Saturday for homemade pizza. There were salads and desserts as well to finish the meal. After eating too much they sat around with a football game on and visited.

There are Christmas lights and yard decorations all aglow down on twelfth street. It may be the best decorated street in town this year, but it is too early to say. Lights and yard decorations are showing up all over. It does lighten the long dark nights of December.

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