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11-4-12. Well, here I go again. I guess things have been going about the same. Haven’t seen any of my family lately, but Anita and I keep in touch. Haven’t been to the family restaurant for awhile. Maybe next week. I’ll find out if Anita’s off work on Wednesday and see if she can meet us for lunch. Yesterday we went to Geneseo, Illinois for visitation and funeral of Ron Hipkins of Geneseo. He’s the ones I wrote about last week that was in the last stages of cancer. He was a good man and very well-liked. There were over one hundred people at his funeral. It was sad that he had to pass away. He was married to Cora Allison-Hipkins who is Walt’s (Bob), Frank (Dee) Allison and Hazel Allison and the late Ross Allison’s sister. Dale’s children were all there, so we were glad to see them again. The last time we saw them all together like that was at their mother’s funeral, who was Shirley Gunter and she was Ron Hipkin’s sister. So we were all at the same funeral home and the same church for lunch later on, as we were for Shirley’s funeral several years ago. And I was just thinking that he would have been their uncle two different ways. He was their mother’s brother and their uncle by marriage because he was married to their Aunt Cora. Dale Allison’s children are sons Mitch, Mike and Mark and daughters Renee, Helen and Shirley. I said it’s too bad that families and relatives mostly just all get together during funerals. So Renee’s daughter, Rachel, and I decided we’re gonnna try to have a family reunion next summer. And I will also invite anyone who wants to come from good old Douglas County in Missouri or anybody else in that part of Missouri. I know there’s a lot of us up her and wouldn’t it be nice to see people we haven’t seen in decades? Anyway, its something to think about this winter. Now back to yesterday. We saw Frank (Dee) Allison and Elaine and got to talk to them again, Mark and Connie Allison and their cute little granddaughter. They said they have four grandchildren now. They just had their thirty year anniversary. Good for them. They gave us a nice picture of them together. We got to visit with Mitch Allison some and Mike Allison and his wife some. She sure is nice. And we got to visit some wih the girls – Renee, Helen and Shirley. There were so many there it was hard to talk to anyone very long. I met a few people I haven’t met before. Walt’s sister, Hazel, her son, Tom, and his son were there. I sat across the table from Tom so I got to talk to him more than anybody. He moved from St. Louis to Columbia, MO. he got transferred there and he really likes it there. He showed me pictures on his phone of his house there and it looks really nice. He’s moving his mother, Hazel, there to live with him. I think that’s nice. She’s a widow and after he moved she doesn’t have any family there in Monroe City, MO. and lives alone so it will be nice for her to be with him. He said there’s a nice big park there close to his house so she can go there and walk if she wants to. He invited us to come and see them anytime and if we go down to Ava, MO. and decide to come around through Columbia to stop and spend the night with them. That would be nice. We used to stop in Monroe City and spend the night with Hazel when we were going to Ava. Of course we can’t do that now. Two of of Frank Dee Allison’s daughters were there, Shelly and Sue. It was the first time I had met Shelly. I was glad I finally got to meet her. She’s really nice and friendly like Sue. Their sister Cheryl lives in Tennessee now and she wasn’t there. Bill’s mother, June Cross, moved down there with them and I heard that June is having some serious health problems, so I guess that’s why they weren’t there. So June, if you read this, I’m thinking about you and wishing you well. I guess I didn’t mention that Rob and Sharon were there Saturday. We always like to see them. We love them so much. Rob, Mitch and Mike Allison were three of the pallbearers. Mark Allison is still haivng a lot of problems with his back from when that guy hit him with his pickup when Mark was riding his motorcycle. He said he’s still working at the R.I. Arsenal.

It’s cloudy and breezy this morning at 49 degrees. There was a chance for rain on Saturday, but it didn’t get here so that helped. Well, I better call it quits and get ready to go to Tipton. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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