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10-29-12 – Well, it won’t be 2012 much long will it? Two more months and it’ll be gone. We’ve been getting a big frost the last few nights, the pretty leaves are all off the trees now, the sumer birds are all gone and the real little animals. All the flowers are gone except the rose bush and mums that are close to the house, but they’re probably gone now with the frost last night. We need to put some dirt around the bottom of them. All in all it’s starting to look a lot like winter instead of fall. I never saw such pretty fall colors before. I was lucky enough to get a few really pretty pictures, but  most of them were taken through the car windows and that’s not a good way to take them, but of course we couldn’t stop every time I saw a pretty tree. We never would have gotten where we were going. So I’ve been busy printing pictues. I make place mats and greeting cards out of the best ones I’ve got a laminator so I put two of the enlarged sets in one and can change them with the season. And I really enjoy working with them. The farmers have got most of their crops in except for a few cornfields. Most of them have several big fields to pick and can’t get them all at once of course. I was glad to see my brother, Claud Maggard’s picture in the paper wishing him “Happy Birthday”. Also his granddaughter. She’s grown up to be a pretty young woman. A late “Happy Birthday” to both of them.

We made a quick run into Tipton yesterday to get some more of my inhalers. I had received two the last time and used one then couldn’t find the other one so I had to go for awhile without it. Yesterday was the first day I could get a refill and they gave me three this time so I sure was glad to get it. Thursday I went to the clinic for my routine bloodwork and everything was okay except my blood sugar was 7.2 and that’s .2 above what it should be. Not much, but it’s the first time it’s gone over so I really cut back on certain foods and it was just 93 this morning so I was glad to see that. Everything else was okay in my bloodwork.

We’re really sad  for Ron and Cora Hipkins. Ron is in the final stages of cancer. I still don’t know the answer to why bad things happen to good people, but I guess there’s a reason. His sister is up here from Missouri and his brother is coming up from Kentucky. Cora is Walt (Bob), Frank (Dee) and Hazel Allison’s sister and Ron had sister named Shirley that was the first wife and mother of Dale Allison’s six children. Shirley passed away a few years ago. The Allinson’s were born and raised in a house on past Emerson’s fish hatchery and I believe it was David Emerson who took Ron and Cora for a tour of her old home place two or three years ago. So he will remember them I’m sure. The Allison’s have relatives living in and around Ava so please pray for Ron and Cora.

Well, we’ve gotta go to Muscatine this morning so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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