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10-22-12. Dear readers of the Douglas County Herald: I hope everyone is blessed with good health and good weather. We are mostly.

I think the second round of antibiotics did me a lot of good and I’ll never get over the sinus allergies and problems I have. Thank goodness for Benadryl. It works good for me. I went to my eye doctor in Tipton on the 4th of October. He said everything looked alright and nothing had changed including my glasses. I told him I was glad of that because after I got used to wearing these that darken in the sunlight I would hate to go back to the others, but these are a little pricey. We went into Wal-Mart after that and I let Joyce Turner check me out. I asked if her husband was from Ava and she said he was from Hartville, but I can’t think right now what his first name is. Ther grandmothers used to live pretty close together. Her grandmother being Minnie Snoddy. I told her how I was really close with my grandmother, Melvina Caudill, too. Then on the tenth of this month we went to the Cities for Walt to do his monthly errands. We didn’t get to see anyone that time. On the 17th I had another appointment at the eye clinics main office for more tests. My doctor said they turned out okay too. He’s still keeping a close eye on the glaucoma. I’m glad he is. I have to see him back in Tipon in April. When we were in Muscatine the 17th we had breakfast at Lisa’s Restaurant and met Anita and her dad there and got caught up on the news with them. Lisa left early so we didn’t get to talk to her much. But at least got to see her. We made several trips to Tipton this month as usual. I need to get in touch with Kathye Clark and see if she went to Branson yet. I want to hear all about her trip when she gets back. She’s always wanted to go there so I want to find out if it meets her expectations. I’m sure it will. I also need to get in touch with Dawn and Jesse James and find out about their new grandbaby. It was due in August and I haven’t called them yet. All these calls I intend to make and just don’t get it done. Last Thursday night I was up until 2:00 a.m. Friday morning getting ready to go back to the Cities to pet sit while Candi and Jarred went to Chicago to celebrate both their birthdays. I went to bed at 2:00 a.m., got up at 5:30. We left home at 9:00 a.m. I took pictures of the beautiful trees along the way again. I think Illinois has more trees than Iowa. All the trees are the prettiest I’ve ever seen them and in every direction. After we got to the Cities we went to Wal-Mart and got a few things we needed and also Hy-Vee for lunch then we drove around and looked at the fall colors until time for Candi to get home from work to visit with her and Jarred awhile until they left for Chicago. We had walked some in a park in Hampton, Illinois, but it was really windy and cold and I hadn’t brought anything to put on my head so I didn’t last long at that. It had rained off and on during our trip there. We drove around and looked at all the beauty in the fall colors. Then we went to the house in East Moline and visited with Candi ahd Jarred a little while they got ready to go. Then at 5:30 we went to the Deerfield Inn Restaurant to meet Frank Dee Allison and his lady friend, Elaine, for supper. We hadn’t seen Elaine for a long time so it was good to see her again and I really enjoyed talking to her. I sat next to her so we could talk. We had a real nice visit. She told how she had came up here from Alabama and decided to stay. She got a night job at the Quad City Times in Davenport and a day job somewhere else and worked her way through college. Then she opened a beauty shop in her home and still has it there. Also Dee’s late wife’s sister and her husband. Her husband’s name is Daryl and I had met him before at Dee’s, but was the first time I had met her. I don’t think I heard her name, but they ate with us too and they seem like really nice people. So all of us had a very nice visit. I hope I get to see them and Elaine again before too long. I’ts good for us to come up here and pet sit because we have more time to see people. And we got to see a lot of people this time. Saturday morning Robert Allison came to the house to see us and as usual we enjoyed his visit. Then Sunday at 5:00 p.m. we met Amy and little Jaxson at Hardee’s for a meal and visit. What a joy little Jaxson is. So cute and sweet. He was eight months old that day. He was afraid of us the last time we saw him and I’ve always felt bad that I held him and made him cry. But this time Walt started talking to him and Jaxson leaned forward and reached for him to hold him. And later did the same for me. He’s a healthy little boy and is heavy as a chunk of lead. He really eats good and she said he sleeps around ten hours a night. She gave us some pictures that she had taken of them and some by himself. So we were really glad to get to see them again. She said she likes her new apartment she moved into. Then this morning Robert and Sharon came to see us. Another nice visit with them. Rob has been getting some new tea that has a lot of ingredients in it and he brought some to me both times he was here and it is really good and good for you. We’re waiting for Candi to call now. She’s supposed to call when they get 100 miles from here and then we’ll take care of the dogs and go on our way. I like this arrangement we do when they need us to take care of the pets because it gives me a chance to work on my crafts without feeling guilty about needing to do something else the way I am when I’m home. And it’s kinda like a little vacation get-a-way. It was raining hard when we came back from the restaurant Friday night and dark. Then this morning we had a lot of thunder for awhile then started raining hard. Now it’s getting darker and looks like it will start raining again and get dark early. So that’s one reason we want to leave when she calls because we don’t like to drive after dark and especially when it’s raining and also we want to go on up to Tipton when we get there so we can pick up my mail at the post office and get a prescription I called in for at Wal-Mart pharamacy. It’s my one inhaler and I think it’s empty, which is bad.

Well I think I better end this saga and get ready to go as I hear hiim talking on the phone to Candi so we will get ready and go. He’s about got the car loaded, I think. I forgot to say that when my cousin Enda was here from Nixa, MO. she said she missed reading River Stillwood’s letters in the paper and I told her I do too, so we’re hoping she will start writing again and tell us all about her new store.

So until next time, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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