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We missed you this week and yes, your seat is still reserved, so come and be our guest next Sunday. This week we enjoyed our Sunday School lesson from the last chapter of the book of Acts and the only thing that would have made it better is if you had been there to share it with us.

Then the morning message was taken from Luke 21:25-28 which are in reference to “The coming of the Son of Man.” Then we went back to Isaiah 13 to get another perspective on how “the coming of the Son of Man,” will be far different than the last time he came to the world of men.

We covered the need to be “Prepared” when he comes, and regrettably how many are not only unprepared, but completely unaware.

After morning worship, we had a fellowship dinner in the fellowship hall and then came back to the sanctuary to practice for our upcoming Christmas Program. If you like to worship the Lord with song, we can always use more voices. (I will reserve you a seat in the choir, if you will fill it).

Hope to see you next Sunday, may God richly bless you.

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