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Monday evening our Women’s Prayer group participated in the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer here at Oak Grove and we hope you did, wherever you worship as well. Next Sunday will be our observation of Children’s Missions, come and join us in the effort to spread the gospel to those around the world.

Sharron Skaggs delivered a solo special at the beginning of morning worship service. This Sunday’s morning message was taken from the text of Hosea 4, where God explains that His people, “are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” He says there is a lack of “knowledge of God in the land.” Do you suppose the reason our own nation is being pummeled by the forces of natures, suffering from terrorists attacks, faltering in the economic market, seeing a decline in ecological circumstances, could in some way be connected to a lack of or even a rejection of “a knowledge of God.” (It’s something to think about.)

Our evening message was from the book of Acts, Paul’s direction of how we should declare the gospel of Christ, boldly and clearly to any and all. For God has clearly manifest Himself and His power to all who will truly see.

Next Sunday the 11th, we plan to begin the preparation for our Christmas program, if you would like to come and take part, you will have a wonderful time in the Lord.

By the way, your seat was available. Come and be our guest, you will be welcome and blessed.

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