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Howdy. Thanksgiving – a day to reflect on things and family that you are truly thankful for. You may not have as much as others, but I bet if you look around, you probably have more than some. If you have your health, you already have more than most. God’s been good to me, better than I deserve. My husband even gets excited about turkey day. He gets to spend all day with his mother-in-law. Ha Ha!

The senior citizens dinner was November 13 and they had all the fixin’s for the holidays. Those present were Joan Williams, her son Zach, Jr. and Alberta Steinart, Ronnie and Janet Atchison, Linda and Denver Cottengim, Jack Chadwell and his brother, Wanda Helums, Kurt and Mindy Russell, Linda and Regina VanderBogart, Ruth Pratt, Earlene Dennis, John and Shirley Shores, Phil and Sue Durden, Bonita Raney, Hubert Strunk, Merry Bell Summers, Gale Robertson, Ruth Bradshaw, Shirley Cottengim, and Ben and Dee Pratt. Their next dinner will be their Christmas dinner December 11.

Sorry to hear about Elsie Batten passing away. Her son, Rick Batten and his wife Helen, pastor at Rock Chapel. Elsie had a car accident, then in the hospital she had a stroke and just couldn’t get better. We are sorry about your loss.

Thursday morning if you heard the fire trucks going out E Hwy., they were headed to Glen Knaps place. He wasn’t home, but the little shed beside his house burned up, it was a total loss.

I had dinner with my aunt Annabell (Bruffett) Snavely in Springfield and ran into Angela Coatney. She had been to the doctor (she’s expecting), she had the whole crew with her. Rhonda Coatney, Ruth Bradshaw, Leah Vaughn, Shirley Cottengim, and Gail Robertson.

Our anniversary this week is John and Dorothy Locke on the 19th and Jerry and Nancy Yoder was on the 20th. They will be married 37 years.

Joe James is in the hospital for pneumonia. His parents are Charles and Norma James.

My cousin, Bill King, passed through from Illinois in his semi. He stopped and visited my mom, Nancy Hopper. Bill is the son of the late Maxine (Page) King.

God watched over my sister Tuesday night. Candy (Hopper) Owrey, was going home with her daughter Zhana, and got t-boned in the side. Neither one of them had a scratch, but the car was totaled.

Fun Facts: K.B. Huffman started his business in Sept. 1923 in Norwood. He gained the confidence of the people of the area by carrying a class of merchandise that appealed to those who liked to buy the best pure food groceries.

Challenge: Remember that you become what you practice most.

If you have any news, give me a call, 746-1112, and God bless our little town.

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