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Howdy. News this week was slim pickins’. Sunday night they took Hazel Dodson back to the hospital. This time she stayed three days. They are trying to change her medicine so it doesn’t make her have chest pains. Her son Randy that has worked at the Plant Place is moving to Mountain Grove and Lynn is moving to Hartville. Everything changes in life. Some for the good, some for the bad

How many were early for church Sunday morning because of the time change? Here is a fireman’s tip (my husband is a fireman) when you change your clock, check your batteries in your fire alarms too. Fire alarms can prevent a loss of lives.

Sorry to hear Delores Turner passed away. She was the wife of Shirley Turner that preached at Bethel Church on E Hwy.

Jerry Sanders’ grandson passed away this week too. His mother was Jerry’s youngest daughter, Shelly Sanders.

Our anniversaries this week are Dustin and Christy Chadwell and Everett and Ella Stewart on the 3rd, Dwayne and Robin McNeil on the 4th and Colleen and Golden Stofer on the 9th.

The school is having a tribute to the veterans Friday the 9th at 1 p.m. it is open to all the public. I go every year and see pictures on the big screen of men in this community that served their time in our military. There is special singing done by children and choir groups. The children have worked hard to prepare a ceremony in honor of the veterans.

Deer season starts Saturday the 10th. Get out and enjoy nature, but be careful, watch out for those city slickers who wouldn’t know a deer from a cow or goat. If you’re lucky enough to get a deer, look in your Missouri Conservationist magazine, it has all kinds of great recipes.

Fun Facts: Farmers Produce Company was established in early 1900s. Was owned by J.R. Knotwell and was high in the rank of representative business house of Norwood. This business dealt in flour, feed, grain, and seed. They also were dealers for the local farmers to bring in their cream, chickens and eggs.

Challenge: The hardest thing about climbing the ladder of success is getting through the crowd at the bottom. Don’t give up!

Feel free to call me with any news, 746-1112.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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