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Howdy. I love Thanksgiving, but it seems that the stores just try to rush it so much. When I was a kid, Friday was a day to play with your cousins and just hang out with family. Now it’s the biggest sale day. Now I’m sitting around the dinner table and everyone wants to hurry so they can get to the store by 8 p.m. for some sales to save them $5 on an item just to have it stolen out of the cart. What’s happening to us? If we want to have it simple again, we have to be simple. I miss how it was so bad, but I realize that the kids have no idea what I’m even talking about. Let’s try to take Christmas slower and savor every moment.

The late Roy and Velma Gray had eight children. Their youngest, Brian Gray, age 44, passed away Saturday night. I can’t begin to imagine how the family is taking it, but you have our deepest sympathy.

Sunday evening was our community holiday services held at Corinth Church this year. Brother Alan Harp was the speaker and he gave a good thought. Show people how happy we can be even in a world like ours has become. Look for the good instead of the bad. I love to see how different churches with their own doctrine comes together to worship.

Congratulations to Katie Roberts. She was married Sunday afternoon to Travis Estes from Mountain Grove. They will reside for now, in Katie’s home on E Hwy.

Our anniversaries this week are: Gary and Donna Bruffett November 26. They have been married 41 years. Hank and Lisa Brown celebrate on the 29th, along with Kevin and Debbie Gray which have been married 26 years.

Fun Facts: As Norwood grew, so did it religiously and socially. In 1902 the Baptist Church was established and by 1920 there were three churches in town. On Hill Street was the Methodist, south of town on Hawk was the Baptist, and Christian Church was on Eagle Street. They became community centers all the way through the 1930s.

Challenge: To be happy, appreciate more the things you have and worry less about the things you have not.

If you have any news, give me a call, 746-1112 and until next week, God bless our little town.

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