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Mt. Tabor Church

We had a cold, brisk day, to begin after the Thanksgiving holiday. We had many to mention for prayer, some with the flu bug going around. We always want to remember those less fortunate than we, this season is not always kind to everyone.

Brother Ric read from I Thess. 5, which reminds us that we should always be thankful in everything we do and all that the Lord let’s us enjoy. Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Mae Cox’s holiday company was Tim Hall, Lauren and Hunter, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Tom and Donna Nichols.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shumate had as their lunch guests on Thursday, Theresa and Wally, Jennifer, Terry and Larry. Joining them for supper was Dennis, Sandy and D.J. Glad Lloyd is a little improved.

Mr. and Mrs.  Eddie Madewell, of Mansfield, enjoyed dinner Thursday with his parents, Clifford and Imogene Madewell. Imogene also had a phone visit with her brother Guy and wife, of Oregon, saying they had 10 inches of rain and were flooded out of their home.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock were hosts for Thanksgiving in their home this year. Their children, except Kathy, most of their grandchildren and some of their great grandchildren gathered for the traditional meal with all the trimmings.

Kathy and Ed Koca, of Greenfield, were able to come on Saturday to visit. Joining them was Eleazar Soto, Jr. and family, of Ozark, Pat Smith, Jennifer Potter, Weston and Emma.

Nina Carter was pleased to have as her holiday guests, her daughter, Beth and husband, Tony Martin, of Plantation, Fl. and his parents, Ricardo and Milai Martin, Coral Gables, Fl.

Bessie Hall’s guests  for Thanksgiving supper were J.C. and Vicky, and Tom and Jewell. Visiting at other times was James, Tammy and Ashley, Lisa and Jesse, Carla Wilson, Hellen Blakey, Becky Abbott, Kay Hutchison and Kim Clements. Bessie had calls from Earl, Loetta and Pauline.

Tom and Jewell Elliott visited Saturday at Gainesville Healthcare with his sister, Pauline Ellison. During the noon hour they also visited with Rose McGinnis.

Shaun and LeAnna Elliott and children, hosted Thanksgiving in their home for Tom and Jewell Elliott, James and Tammy Elliott and Ashley. Ashley visited her Grandma Bessie again on Friday before returning to Bolivar to work and school.

Don and Evelyn Bryan were hosts for a Thanksgiving supper in their home for Mike, Cindy and Rachel Bryan, of Ozark, Cindy’s mother, Linda Nelson, Jason and Brandi Bryan, of Sparta.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Lansdown spent Thanksgiving in West Plains with Doug, Kristie, Jadon and Kaylee Lansdown.

Patrick and Jill ONeal spent several days visiting family in the Ava area. Saturday Ronnie and Pat Lansdown had the following as guests for food and a fish fry provided by Paul Cox: Doug and Kristie and family, Casey Guerin and children, Patrick and Jill, Haley, Kevan and Garrett Richards, Jeanne Cox, Jenna, Jessie and Buster Davis and friend. The group missed their mother, Myrl Cox, who was not up to coming. Patrick and Jill returned to their Ada, Ok. home, Sunday.

Gary and Stephanie Mishler arrived in the home of her grandparents, Harold and Kay Hutchison, Sunday, to stay until Wednesday. They joined Gary’s family in Commerce, Ok., Thursday and Friday, then Stephanie returned to stay until Sunday afternoon.

Harlin and Shirley Hutchison, Amy and Alic, spent Thursday night and Friday with Harold and Kay Hutchison, having a late Thanksgiving on Friday. Martin and Jim Hathcock stopped by and visited with the group, Friday.

Jeff and Kristy Tackett arrived in the Hutchison home, Saturday morning, after spending several days in Mtn. Home, camping with Jeff’s family. Steven Tackett joined the group later in the day. Everyone enjoyed lots of food and game playing before everyone returned home Sunday.

Dan and Kim Clements and their boys, Morgan, Dylan and Sarah Claussen, had Thanksgiving dinner together. Their friend, Ed Johnson, joined them on Friday.

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