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Mt. Tabor Church

We were missing several folks due to traveling, company, etc, hopefully all will be back after the holidays. We continue to add many to our prayer concern list. We were glad to have visitors in our morning service, please feel welcome to come again.

Brother Ric and Lisa were returning their daughter to her home in Texas, so we were happy to have Brother Richard Potter and family with us in both services. The message was about the Samaritan women, a familiar lesson, but we can always learn something new if we open our hearts.

Bessie Hall has been under the weather this past week, with an infection, is a little better at this time. She appreciates the phone calls and visits from friends and family. Her visitors this past week were Rosie Harris, Al and Marge Himelsbach, Hellen  Blakey, Jo Stephens, James and Tammy Elliott, Shaun,Logan and MaKayla Elliott, Jewell, J.C., Vicky, Kim, Becky and Kay. Bessie also enjoyed calls from her sisters, Lucy and Loetta. Lisa Johnson brought her grandma Mae, up to see Bessie, also.

Visitors Thursday with Tom and Jewell Elliott were Shaun Elliott, Dennis Turner, Ronnie Bloomer and Corbin Suter. Later in the week visitors were Jim Matney, Shaun and LeAnna Elliott, Logan and MaKayla, James and Tammy Elliott. Once again, our good wishes to MaKayla Elliott, for a job well done, in Bible Quiz.

Ronda Soto and Rosie Harris were visitors with Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock this week. Mary Ann has not been up to par lately.

Don Bishop and Jerry Pool stopped by Harold and Kay Hutchison’s to drop off some of their catch,  which is always greatly appreciated.

Gary and Stephanie Mishler came to Ava to spend a few days with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Kim Clements stopped by, also.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown spent the night in West Plains one evening last week,  to join the Doug Lansdown family and other guests, in celebrating the 10th birthday of Jadon Lansdown.

Mae Cox’s company over the weekend was Lisa and Jesse Johnson and Donna Nichols.

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