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Little Creek

Greetings from Little Creek on this amazingly beautiful morning. I know there is lots of sadness in this life, but we have the good book to give us solace and a Savior who walks with us all the way. As Burr always says, “Pray and give God the glory.”

I appreciate and words cannot express how much gratitude I have for all the sacrifices of our boys and girls of the military. Our freedoms were bought with the blood and the service of all of them. I appreciate it and may God be your companion and guide.

Sunday church service was the highlight of the week. It was good to be with all the church family with exception of Ron and Bev. Bev has had cataract surgery in one eye and now will come the other eye. She has had a successful surgery. Dianna brought a message from Lamentation, and Josh Mayberry was to preach Sunday night.

Jim and Jean Frye hosted a Sunday dinner for son, Rusty; grandson, Tony; and nephew, Burr; and niece, Ruth, after church. Tony had spent the weekend hunting the deer.

Kevin, Joseph and Devon are camping this week. The boys have school, but they have the weekends and evenings.

Jody, my grandson, and friends were here for the weekend hunting. Jody was successful.

Charlie was my only visitor this week. He is feeling better with treatment. I have had several ask if he had tick fever and he sends his appreciation for the concern, but tests ruled it out thankfully.

He misses Nina as do we all. She says they are happy in their new home. Everyone wishes them better health and happiness. We miss the piano, but are happy for the three guitars and happy to have James back on drums.

Well I should get busy. I hope this gets printed because today we have no mail running and most businesses are closed. Anyway, we’ll see.

My in home aide will be here soon. I’m always glad for Monday and for her arrival. We have my therapy session and catch up on one another’s weekend and then she puts my house back in order as well as myself. Nicole is amazing. She not only takes care of me and two other clients, but has time to devote to her two children and to be involved with them in church activities and sports and all the things kids do nowadays. I appreciate her and I’m sure they all do also.

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