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Little Creek

Well by the time we read the news Thursday the election 2012 will be done. And this will be one happy citizen. I did vote.

The autumn weather has been unsurpassed.  I rode around the place Saturday, but this Sunday I haven’t felt like going out.

James and Greg DeGase visited me Saturday evening. They were looking for Kevin so when we found him, he joined us. We had a pleasant visit and a time for James and I to reminisce.

Charlie came by Sunday afternoon. Kasey came Halloween with reverse trick or teats. He brought me candy and cookies and Terry’s homemade cupcakes. I had no other tricksters and haven’t had for several years.

My Mom got praised on Facebook for her delicious treats. Robyn, Ruby Lee and Yvonne all posted rememberances of my mother. She always baked all day and made mountains of molasses popcorn balls. Mom found out from Chris and Julie Degase that Wayne always took their cookies so she started making Wayne a sack full of treats. We’ve all tried to duplicate Mom’s sugar cookies and Jean and Jo both have almost suceeded. I have such good memories. My Mom is a special good memory for all who knew her.

Tracy came and took her father, Charlie Satterfield, to West Plains Saturday where she lives. She had recently moved and wanted him to see her new place. They visited his eldest daughter Nina and Anna before returning to Wasola. Tracy is Charlie’s youngest.

Karen took me to Lola’s Friday where we both had hair appointments . I only went for a haircut and ended up staying for a perm. I’m afraid I inconvenienced my daughter, but she didn’t complain. I owe her my appreciation. I enjoyed visiting with Lola.

Unless someone calls my news will be scarce.

I have run one clock back, but will wait for Nicole, my girl Friday, to take the other two down for me. I depend on her for so much and always look forward to Monday when she will be back. I think Mondays are bad days for her and daughter, Karen. They always comment on being tired so I guess their weekends are tiring. Maybe they should be like me and not party.

Be happy and pass it on.

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