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Little Creek

The leaves are rapidly falling and the most beautiful autumn we’ve every had will soon be only a memory. The fall season has always been my favorite time of the year and it is over much too soon.

We survived the hot, dry days of summer and then were blessed with good showers and rainfall and I’m sure everyone has glorified in this  beautiful time of another season.

Now we face the unknown. What will winter bring? Time will tell.

I am thankful and blessed to have been allowed the season I have seen come and go during my 83 years and to have spent thme with the family and friends I’ve had. I have truly been richly blessed.

I was so sorry when I heard that my young friend Cindy had been called home. I grieve with you Lorene and with Cindy’s sisters. I was privileged to be Cindy and Steve’s neighbor when their boys were young. Condolences to Brian and William also. I’m so sorry.

I talked to sister Jo today. She was home  for the weekend. She said Vickie is in quite a bit of pain and will go back to the doctor Thursday. She is in all our prayers. Brian and Jo have been putting a roof on an outbuilding today, Saturday.

Jim and Jean Frye went to Branson Friday night to a country music show and spent the night there. Jim’s sister, Martha Lee and John met them there for a good time together. Those visiting them this week were Danny and Jamie Dry and Bub Coonce and Jack Vauter.

Robyn Tetrick with granddaughter, Ashley, were at Mom Jean and Dad Jim’s for an interview for Ashley’s school work.

On Wednesday, Ruby Lee, came and spent the day. Burr, also visited during the morning. I don’t see Kim too often so it was a good day.

This Saturday I went with daughter, Karen for a drive down Little Creek which is flowing full and beautifully clear and then back by way of Bear Holler. It was a good time to be out in nature with one of my favorite people. We found possum grapes.

Earlier Burr and Kasey , Terry and Steven came and unloaded my winter supply of wood pellets. Burr had helped the Kasey Taber family install their wood pellet stove. Hoping they like ther stove as much as I do mine.

Will you be as happy as I will be when this endless campaigning will be ending? Burr and Ruth were kind enough to invite me to go to Ava with them after church. I am so slow and require so much patience and it makes me realize how thankful I am to be included. We went to McDonald’s for a salad and then shopped and visited. In town is the only time I see people I’ve known and it was nice to have Darrel George and wife stop and chat a few minutes. And I took notice of how nice and kind people are that take time to smile and speak on their busy way out. Trips to town used to be all day affairs with visiting on the square, dinner at noon with most frequented restaurant packed full and lots of times with kids going to Saturday afternoon matinees to movies with never a cuss word or even an illusion to one or worse. I’ts hard to believe how times have changed. I would never have envisioned going from the party line to the “smart phones,” from mowing grass to smoking it from 49 cents to $4.00 gas, or from John Boy to Game Boy.

Well we kinda learn to adapt and now we visit mostly long distance and impersonally. I have many friends on facebook, but I go to club and church for face to face visits.

Until next time, remember words are easy to speak and their echoes are endless. So take care how you speak.

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