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A week ago Sunday attendance was 71. This Sunday was 63. Please pray for our deacon, Gordon Jones. He is still in the hospital. He is a very sick man. He has gained some, but has a long ways to go. A week ago Sunday was communion day. Lisa and Wyatt Ellison each sang a song. Everyone seemed to enjoy taking communion. You are welcome at Garrison Baptist Church. It was good to see people using the altar Sunday.

Sunday night they put up the Christmas tree and decorated the church and had pizza. The kids really enjoyed it. We had a good fellowship time together. Next Sunday a lady will be baptized after church. Hope for warmer weather.

Our Christmas program will be Sunday night before Christmas. Everyone welcome.

Thanksgiving dinner guests of Ervin and Sandra Maggard of Ozark were his mother, Iona, their children, Valerie Austin and sons, Shelby and wife, Casey, Dwight and Dawn Maggard and Micheal.

Saturday a late Thanksgiving supper was enjoyed by Tim Pogue, Wendy, Hunter and Shelby Crossland, Matthew Burkhart, James and Linda Orick, Toney Lakey, Tracy Greene at the home of Chris, Christy and Daniel Lakey. Lots of good food served.

David and Glenda Halcomb had David’s family for an early Thanksgiving. His parents, his sister and her family were there. The Halcomb’s spent Thanksgiving in Kansas City.

Thanksgiving Day James and I visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb and she gave us some turkey she cooked. We had two invitations to dinner, but we stayed at home and painted. We took Rex a birthday card and gift. When he has a birthday I think of Frances Lafferty who passed away on his and her birthdays. The family has missed her so much.

George and Janie Morrison enjoyed Thanksgiving at their sister-in-laws, Jean Loomis at Chadwick with most of the Morrison’s family attending.

Sybil Harvill enjoyed Thanksgiving at the home of her daughter, Shirley and Steven Clark. Several family members attended.

Junior and Betty Halcomb visited us twice last week. Sunday they had enjoyed the nice weather and took a short walk. Junior visited at his sister’s Sybil Harvills and visited her son, Bob, who was there and he visited his brother, Rex, to wish him a Happy Birthday.

I imagine the deer are glad that season is over , of course there are so many bow, youth and muzzle seasons.

They got a good laugh at Garrison, some gather early to visit and have coffee and cookies. James said they should have a Senior Citizen hunt.

Leon (Juicy) Coffer lost his home due to a fire. We stopped by Jim Anderson’s and asked about it. We were coming home from church.

Remember every path has a few puddles. If you can’t be content with what you have, be thankful for what you have escaped.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

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