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Time moves on, here we are in the autumn season.

The hornet nests we seen are high up in the trees. The persimmon prediction may be accurate.

James and me enjoyed all our trick or treaters and enjoyed visiting the adults. James looks forward to it every year.

Saturday evening Rex and Shirley Halcomb, Junior and Betty Halcomb visited James and me. David visited us Saturday morning.

Several were out bow hunting and youth season and camping over the weekend. Our attendance at Garrison Church was down to 55 Sunday. Sunday night a good number was back out. Rev. Dennis Downs preached. Dennis did a good job. He sure has held to his doctrine. He is very sincere. November 18 is communion day and that night we will have a wild meat supper. All our hunters and fisherman can donate their prize kill.

I heard barbecue coon is good.

Iona Maggard enjoyed her neighbor lady, Rosalea, visiting. Sunday dinner guests were Ervin and Sandra Maggard, Valerie, Austin and son, Shelby. Janie Morrison stopped by.

Get-well wishes sent to Anna Hailey. She is Alice Nelson’s granddaughter. She sure is a sweet girl.

Deer season is around the corner. Sounds like the weekend will be nasty. Maybe save a few deer. Some are finding dead deer. The leaves are thick on the ground and leaves are falling. I hate to see the harsh winter set in.

Juanita and Jerry Powell and Jeff Powell visited Jerry Nelson Sunday. Doug Nelson visited during the week.

Visitors of George and Janie Morrison were Loren and Hazel Maggard, Bo, Calab and Jayme Morrison, Shane Clinkingbeard and Bradon Morrison.

Glad the election is over. I imagine there will still be a lot of crowing and blowing going on T.V.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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