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One never knows. Tuesday James and I were going for our lipids test so you fast 12 hours and then go out to breakfast. I got up that morning with pain so I ended up going through tests for a kidney stone. Hopefully I passed the problem Friday morning. Our insurance is not very good and I dread seeing the billl. I appreciate all the prayers and to my brothers and sister who checked on me daily and nephew, David. He came and did a chore  for us that day letting our dog out. I told some people to pray this will pass easy and it did.

Saturday morning James and I visited Gordon Jones. He fell early that morning. Others visiting Gordon and Zelda were Russ Jones, Brenda and Gavin Herd, Kelly Jones, Colton Jones and Bub Payne.

Several attended the auction on UU Hwy. Saturday. Ervin and Sandra Maggard and Valerie Austin and Hazel Maggard visited Iona Maggard.

Sunday evening some of the people are meeting at Garrison Church to discuss preparing baskets for Judy Walker’s benefit. During Sunday night services and after James spoke a short message, a prayer circle was formed. Attendance was 72 Sunday. Melany Stevens and Lisa Ellison each sang a special and Lisa and grandson, Wyatt.

Wyatt and family brought his new baby brother to church Sunday. He hot lots of attention.

People around here are going to miss Dr. Johnson. He is a great vet. We wish him and his wife the best.

Recently saw Raina Powell and her mom, Donna and  Ronnie Maggard at the Chadwick Carnival. Kids grow up so fast. We attended the last home game at Chadwick also. Now that we are getting cold weather we may have to house up as the old timers use to say.

Saturday morning James and I visited my brother, Junior, and took him a gift as he had a birthday that day. Betty was doing laundry. It is good to see her up and about. We visited Junior and a little while with Betty. Saturday evening their son, David, had Junior and Betty over for his birthday and invited his brother, Rex and Shirley to enjoy fish and etc. Happy Birthday Junior, wish you many more.

Brad and Patty Siler and daughter came trick or treating at Uncle David’s later. Sunday Junior’s daughter had him another birthday celebration. Attending was the honored guest, Junior and Betty and David Halcomb, Brad, Patty and Adalynn Siler, Amanda and Brad Evans and family met at Connie and John Siler’s.

Halloween is over and next month will be a month we should stop and consider and be thankful. Not only at Thanksgiving, but always.

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