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Good afternoon on this cloudy, cold Monday. We had a beautiful Saturday and Sunday seems the old saying, “if you don’t like the weather in Missouri just stick around” seems to hold true.

I had overnight company Saturday night Pat, Lucy and Olivia Daughterty of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Last Sunday after church, Ann Collins and I went on to Mountain Grove and had dinner with Carol Wise and Riley OShea then did some grocery shopping.

Then on Wednesday evening Ann Collins went and spent the night and Thanksgiving Day with Carol and Riley. Also joining them for dinner on Thursday were Chris Hartzell, Will and Ashley Collins, Mylon and Scott.

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Karen and Doug Frederick at their home were Butch and Nita Fredrick and Marge Nelson, Bertha and Dean Scherer, Paul, Janet and Katlyn Smith, her friend Tyler, River Stillwood, Sirena, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw.

Get-well wishes to Esther Wrinkles, I understand she is back in the nursing home in Mountain Grove.

Tracy Griffith of Thornfield came after me on Thursday and we had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. Debbie and Shelby Hutchison, Jamie, Devin, Bailee, Lauryn and Hayden Snodgrass of Moberly also came down Thursday afternoon. Norma Griffith of Ava, Patty Stephens of Galena, Aaron Chambers of Springfield, Josh Sandy and Carter Chambers of Highlandville all came Friday joining Tracy, David, Hannah and Devin Griffith and yours truly for a bountiful dinner at noon.

The Moberly bunch stayed until Saturday and came by my house for lunch.

Ann Collins and I visited awhile Sunday after church with Beverly and Bill Emery and then we stopped by River’s.

Ted and Karen Collins visited Ann Collins on Monday. He did some repair work in her bathroom.

Our sympathy to the Gray family and others who have lost loved ones recently.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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