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Well those of us, me included, who said we wouldn’t have a pretty fall have had to eat our words, the leaves have just been awesome. Some are still pretty, but the last two mornings have been cold.

Don and Cathy Haney drove to Branson last Friday afternoon for a performance of the Midwest Country Music Show from Sandstone, Minnesota. There were six different bands including Maggie Mae, Bobby Bare, David Church, John Reeves, they enjoyed the show.

Ann Collins and Ella May Daugherty visited a while Saturday evening with Don and Mary Lou Ousley.

There was only a small turnout Sunday at church. Our visitors were Steve and Angie Wilkerson and Steve’s mother.

Birthday greetings for the month of November go out to Linda (Collins) Owens, the 8th, Paul Smith, 11th, Aaron Chambers 15th, Janet Smith the 17th.

Sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. Get-well wishes to the sick and let’s not forget to pray for the people affected by the storm “Sandy.”

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