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Gentry Church

Opening the morning service with prayer was Joie Welker.

Our Sunday school lesson was on Sharing The Good News of Jesus and to remember that when we share the gospel with others it will go to the ends of the earth, one person at a time.

Our special song was by the group consisting of Faye Allen, Branda Hampel, Ramona Henning, Rod, Joie and Wanda Welker.

A big crowd attended the hayride and supper at Gentry Saturday evening. Those joining us and playing music was Rod Humbyrd, Luke Ray, Harley Allen, Lola Mayberry and Jeff Biaggi. Ruby Buchanon even braved the cold weather and went on the hayride.

Our sympathy goes out to the Curby Welch family.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was out of Genesis, chapter one. Fools in their hearts only believe there is no God. He revealed himself time after time. He is our mediator and creator. The gift of God is eternal life.

Last weekend I enjoyed a trip to Branson with my brother, Wayne Henderson and wife, Pam. We went to Silver Dollar City and enjoyed the music at RFD Theater.

In our evening service, we had many testimonies given and our special song was by Rod, Wanda and Joanne Welker.

Bro. Hall’s evening message was from Exodus 15, the people of Israel had short memories of what God had brought them out of and we would do well if we remember where God brought us from. We need God, we all have troubles, but God is in charge and in the midst of them.

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