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Good morning to all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness the air is cool and crisp this morning.

I haven’t built a fire, but I’ll probably do that before the day is over.

Thanks to one of our good neighbors, Roger, brought in tomaotes and peppers so I’ve been working them up. They’ll taste good in chili when the snow comes.

Not much going on here on our hillside.

I tore tendons loose in my foot three or four weeks ago so it’s still being a pain.

I went to the pig roast at the Wasola Fire Dept. yesterday after church. They had a nice crowd.

Ken went to West Plains and spent the day with Michael. I think they both enjoyed being together.

Wendy and Laura are in New York working for FEMA. It’s going to get those people back in their homes. That is the ones that have homes. We need to keep all those people in our prayers.

Well so much sadness and sorrow do your think God is trying to tell us something? We just need to stop and talk to Him and then listen for his answer.

Anyway I guess I’d better sign off today.

Tell somebody about Jesus and what He will do for you.

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