Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Oh, yes the holiday meals have begun. We had our Thanksgiving supper at church Sunday night and it was wonderful. Lots of ham and turkey and of course several new dessert recipes that the ladies had to try out on us. No one should have left hungry because we had lots and lots of food. We started out the service with a couple of songs and then we had a testimony service. Several people told what they were thankful for this year. There is no way we could name all the wonderful blessings that God gives us through the year, but it is a blessing to hear different people tell their testimonies. We even had a young girl, Grace, give a testimony and that is always good to hear our young people praise God.

Saturday night was our benefit for Tina and Jolly. It was well-attended and the singers did a great job. We also raised some money to help with medical bills. I know that this family can also use our prayers and support as well.

Donald’s mother-in-law had to be taken to the hospital Saturday. Donald said that she has pneumonia. Wanda and Virginia were too sick to be with us this weekend, we need to keep these ladies in our prayers.

As many of you know my mother fell a little over a week ago and broke her hip. She is back at the nursing home and is slowly starting to get better. We are so thankful for all or our friends and family that have been praying for her.

My husband and Bud Hampton have been building me an outbuilding; even Donald came and did a little work on it. He said maybe it might help him get some angel wings. Mike has been working on the inside of the house, Larry Hutchinson has came down to keep an eye on the guys to make sure they are working and my daughter-in-law even cooked lunch for them one day to keep them working. Portia told me to tell Roger that he should do anything I need him to do, somehow Donald didn’t quite agree with that. Maybe I better not make my honey do list too long.

As you celebrate your Thanksgiving dinner this week, take time to give God the blessing. Thank Him for your family and for the food that He has provided for your meal. As Alice said we even need to thank him for the little things. We have running water, we don’t have to put wood in the stove to cook our meal. We can turn a switch and have lights, turn a knob and have water.

We can also spread the word of God by word of mouth, this newspaper, and with technology – e-mail and text it to our friends. Life really is good.

Thank you God for all of your blessings!