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Schism!  This word has been popping up in my head, day and night.  The dictionary says this word means division, separation, discord, or disharmony; also a formal division in or separation from a church or religious body.  I hear of this happening near and far.

I have heard of hunters finding dead deer, apparently succumbing to what is called “blue-tongue” disease.  I looked this up and find that this disease is carried by flies and mosquitoes and can affect sheep, cattle and horses, and can cause fetus abortion.  It is said this disease does not affect humans but can bet your last dollar I don’t want any meat from any affected critter.

Randy has had oodles of company, so much so that his driveway is starting to look like a used car lot.

By the time this is in print Thanksgiving will be over.  Do hope you remembered then, and every day, to give thanks to our Lord for his bounty.  Compared to most other countries, we are rich, even those here of whom we refer to as “poor”.  Our parish sent off holiday packages to many in the military and those away at college.  We refer to them as “holiday packages” as these are sent between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.  Just to let our young know they are loved and thought of.

What is happening at Dogwood?  I hear some of the churches on this hill (and in Douglas County) are having special gatherings for Christmas for fellowship.  How wonderful.  Families that pray together stay together, no matter the size of the families.  Jamey Herd is still having some medical problems, bless her heart.  Work progresses almost daily on Eva Wymer’s former home and it is looking good.

Hope you enjoyed the article on the history of Dogwood in last week’s paper.  Jamey Herd spent a lot of time to get it together for you.

May God bless you and yours and may you be well.

Last weeks news:

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church from the desk of Jamey Herd: It is a crisp fall Monday morning here on Dogwood Hill. Pleasant Ridge had a full day of activities on Sunday. During morning service our veterans were honored and given a small flag. Pastor Carl wore his navy uniform. I don’t believe Billy Joe would have fit into his old uniform. Joan Workman read an article from the White River Electric magazine about a battle in Missouri during the Civil War. Following the morning service several of us went to First Baptist in Seymour for a Baptism of two precious souls, Rhonda Love and Chris Modar. We want to thank First Baptist for allowing us to use their baptistery. The ladies and men’s meetings were held at 4 o’clock and the evening service at 6.

I was glad to see Paul and Wanda in Church. Wanda spent a couple of days in the hospital this past week. Feel better Wanda.

Deer season opened Saturday but we’ve not heard much shooting around us. We didn’t hear many reports of deer kills at Church.

Till next week stay warm and God Bless.

Sunday, November 18th;

Somehow in getting the history to the paper my items didn’t get attached. We had two join the church this past week. Welcome to Jon and Elaina Nelson to our family. Joan and Stanley Workman hosted a family Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday. I pray everyone can be with family this Thanksgiving. I wish everyone safe travels if you are out and about on the roads. Be careful also if you take part in the Black Friday sales. I would rather pay extra as to fight the crowds but that is me.

I am glad for the nice weather we have been having. I believe it will hold till after Thanksgiving. I believe KY3 is preparing an extended forecast. Let’s see how accurate it turns out to be.

Blessings to everyone this Thanksgiving season.

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