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Dogwood Ramblings

Look out your window and imagine you can see a wagon going down the road.  This wagon is loaded with people and is being pulled by a very few people.   It seems more people want a free ride on the wagon to anywhere than to help pull the wagon.  The problem is that as those pulling the wagon wear out due to stress, age, government interference or whatever, no one will be there to take their place and the freebie wagon will come to a stop.  If you are one of the riders just know the wagon cannot go on forever unless slaves are created and forced to “pull the wagon”.

Surely you recall from the Bible how the snake seduced Eve and Adam.  It seems the snake’s job is everlasting; seducing, promising wonderful things, leading us down a path of destruction of our very souls and our bodies under the guise of a better life.  My faith is my strength and my crutch in these discouraging times.  It is great to have nice vehicles, television, computers, etc., but often I long for the quiet days of yore when reading a book took you around the world, where your mind could visit and learn without the vile programming now being absorbed by our young.

Another stray dog visits here!  Yep, a little black Min Pin type with a radio type collar from which I could get no information.  This dog comes every evening or morning to play with Jack and then disappears.  The big concern of course is the traffic on Hwy 14.  We no longer have Doc Johnson’s office to pass along the word so perhaps you will do this.

I received some sad news about a former Dogwood resident.   Rosemary Morrow passed away last Friday morning in Springfield.  Her Memorial Service was Wednesday at Trinity Catholic Church.   She was married for a few years to William “Red” Morrow and they lived up on BB.  Red was quite the character and Rosemary always such a pleasant and helpful lady.

Wanda Dugan had a little heart episode that put her in the hospital for a bit.  She is home and says she is doing OK and that Paul is doing OK.  As my dear mother used to say, “Getting old isn’t for sissies!”  Please pray for Wanda and Paul for good health.

Busy days on the horizon at St. Leo’s Church!  Nov. 17th we have 7 of our youth receiving Confirmation.  Dec. 7th we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin.  Dec. 9th is our annual Holiday Pot Luck Meal after Mass (and we have some wonderful ladies cooking/baking their best).

Jamey Herd has completed putting together the Dogwood History and I hope you get to read it here soon.  Be well and may God Bless You.

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