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Dogwood Ramblings

This edition of the Douglas County Herald won’t go to print until after the election.  So, it wouldn’t do me any good to praise or to rant and rave about what is going on in our nation.  I can only hope that those with Christian ethics made it to the polls and voted their consciences, the intention being to regain common sense and to save our nation from the quagmire, the whirlpool of power-grabbing, immorality and greed we’ve been slipping in to these past few years.

I’m writing this on Monday, the day we set up the polling place.  Doing so is a big job and I need help to do it.  I didn’t get the yard mowed so it looks a bit ratty out there.  At least the bulk of the leaves have been blown away.  Last week an older couple pulled into my driveway wanting to know if this is the polling place and why didn’t I have signs put out, and could they vote while here.  Well, the answer was yes, this is the polling place for Nov. 6th and to vote ahead they would have to go to the court house.  Seems to me they are not aware of how voting is set up.  How sad.

No sense me dragging this on.  Hopefully you voted and have a clear conscience.  Until next week, be well and pray for our nation.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church from the desk of Jamey Herd: I woke to the sound of falling rain this Monday morning. Sunday at Pleasant Ridge was a very busy day. After the morning service several stayed to help fill shoe boxes for the Franklin Graham shoe box ministry. Those that stayed enjoyed Pizza to eat. On Sunday night, business meeting was held to discuss Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. The church will again adopt residents at local nursing homes for Christmas. God has really blessed our Church.

Tuesday is Election Day and I hope everyone got out and voted. I will have to say I am glad the election is over. I am so sick of the political ads and phone calls. Please continue to pray for our leaders and our country.

Over all we have had some beautiful fall weather. Because of my knees I don’t get out and enjoy it as much as I would like. Though this past week, we were on the go four days out of five. Billy Joe and I both had several Doctor Appointments in Springfield this past week. Last Monday I went with Billy Joe to the Gainesville Sale Barn and then on over to the farm at Theodosia. We stopped at Cookies on the lake at Theodosia to eat some lunch. It was a really nice drive down to Gainesville and Theodosia. The lake is still very low. I had not been down there since Memorial Day. After checking the cattle we stopped at Vernon and Shirley Garrison and visited with them. Vernon and Shirley have both been having some medical issues.

I promise to get the Dogwood history into the paper now that the election is over. Till next week God Bless and keep you.

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